Monday, July 22

  5 of the Best Awning Suppliers and Contractors in Singapore

Awnings are an excellent complement to any outdoor space. They can also serve as an additional roof, shielding windows and doors from inclement weather. Here are five of the top awning suppliers and installers in Singapore for your garden or backyard.

#1 Creative Shades

Awnings from Creative Shades are water-resistant fabrics that can survive extreme weather conditions. Creative Shades keep their rates affordable despite their more than 20 years of experience. It makes them ideal for remodelling, residential or business space improvement projects on a low budget.

#2 SG Sunshade Guru

SG Sunshade Guru gained acknowledgement for providing timely and excellent service. Their professional installers are eager to go above and beyond. They take on jobs outside the scope of their work. The firm deals with every project using straightforward, honest, and upfront communication throughout the process.

#3 Shadetimes

Shadetimes is a top roofing contractors company in Singapore with an in-house design and production staff. Their extensive product catalogue contains manual and remote-controlled awning systems. They also use a collaborative approach to determine client preferences in each project. It lets them provide customised solutions for each of their clients.

#4 Ace Awnings

Ace Awnings has been in the awning business for more than 15 years. They provide both manual and motorised alternatives for retractable awnings. The firm also has experience working on home renovations to significant property development projects, making them one of the Best Awnings Installers in Singapore.

#5 Perfect Deco

Perfect Deco has been in the industry for over 18 years and has a Building and Construction Authority (BCA) registration. They also have in-house design, construction, engineering, fabrication, and manufacturing staff to work on every project. Perfect Deco accepts commercial and residential projects all over the island.


Shadetimes is a well-known awning and roofing supplier and contractor in Singapore. The firm creates sunshades and other roofing goods that fit projects of every scale. Shadetimes can handle large-scale installations for real estate developers to small-scale projects for small companies and families.

Are you looking for an awning and metal roofing contractor in Singapore? Contact Shadetimes for commercial or residential projects.