Thursday, April 18

Buying A New Mattress In Singapore? Here Are 4 Tips To Follow

Your bed is never complete without a mattress. But did you know that bed cushions have been part of our lives for about 77,000 years? Our ancestors created them from grasses and leaves and placed them underneath their rock shelters to rest comfortably, regulate body temperature, and even repel pests. But as our species evolved, our beds and cushions changed.

Ancient Egyptians used wool to make mattresses and decorated their bed frames with jewels. During the Mediaeval period, people stuffed their bedding with straw. Through the years, this essential bedroom furniture underwent numerous developments before evolving into the mattress you have in your Singapore bedroom today.

But like almost everything we own, our beddings cannot last forever. Even if we purchase the best German mattresses, our bed cushions are only good for about five to ten years. Our mattresses can sag, tear, or get a terrible smell due to daily use. They can even make loud sounds due to broken or worn-out coils.

Fortunately, you can shop for a new mattress in Singapore by visiting offline furniture stores or online bedroom essentials shops. But before dropping by your trusted bed cushion supplier, you should know what makes a good mattress that will allow you to sleep soundly at night.

What Makes A Good Mattress?

According to sleep specialists, a good mattress should have multiple breathable layers that could offer support and comfort to your body. It should also have ample depth and width that suits your body size, sleep habits, health concerns, and bedroom measurements. Moreover, your single size mattress in Singapore should be durable. It should not sag or lose its comfort within a few years.

4 Tips For Buying A New Mattress

Now that you know what to look for in a mattress, you are finally ready to replace your old bed cushions and purchase a new one that perfectly suits your needs, tastes, and habits. But before heading to a physical or virtual store selling premium quality German mattresses, you should learn a few shopping tips to guide your bedding purchase.

Scroll through to learn four tips for buying a new mattress in Singapore.

1. Look For A Trusted Mattress Supplier

The quality of a mattress depends on its manufacturer. If your chosen mattress maker understands what people want in a bed cushion and utilises the latest advancements in sleep technology, they can create bedding that perfectly matches your necessities.

2. Weigh Your Mattress Options

Mattresses come in different sizes, depths, and firmness to address various needs, concerns, and preferences. Facing your many cushion choices can be overwhelming, but comparing them while keeping your inclinations in mind will help you find the ideal mattress.

3. Read Mattress Reviews

As much as possible, never take a queen or king size mattress to your Singapore home without checking the reviews it got from your fellow customers. These testimonials will tell you if your chosen cushion is worth getting based on its quality, price, and durability.

4. Watch Out For Mattress Discounts

Bed cushions, especially German mattresses, can be expensive. Thankfully, numerous bedroom furniture stores offer promos now and then—especially during the holiday season. If you want to save costs when shopping for a new mattress, you can look or ask for discount codes or vouchers from your chosen store.

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