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How To Maintain Privacy With Glass Shower Screen In Singapore

Many households with modern contemporary design use a lot of glass for added aesthetics, from glass partitions to an aluminium sliding glass door in Singapore. Bathrooms also use glass shower screens and doors.

Yet people have a few concerns with glass; one is privacy. Since most glass is transparent, people have a clear view of what’s beyond the glass partition or aluminium window in Singapore.

Here are some tricks on how to maintain your privacy even with glass doors:

1. Try frosted glass

Frosted glass is a semi-opaque glass that gives an obscured view of the other side of the glass.

There are three primary types of frosted glass.

The first is sandblasted glass. Sandblasted glass has a translucent surface because of the sand sprayed on the surface at a high velocity. It is similar to the blurred view when you fog up the glass with your breath.

The second is acid-etched glass. Similar to sandblasted, it has a translucent surface due to heated fluorite applied to the glass.

The third is ceramic frit. Ceramic frit applies tint or colour on the glass to reduce glare and obscure the view.

Many shower screen doors in Singapore use frosted glass for privacy.

2. Try textured glass

Not only does textured glass obscure the view, but it also distorts the image. If the frosted glass blurs the view, textured glass creates waves with its embossed designs.

Many curved shower screen doors in Singapore also use textured glass.

3. Blinds and curtains

If you have transparent glass, you can opt for blinds and curtains. It is the cheapest option to protect your privacy, even with a glass door. Offices and homes draw blinds and curtains to block the view.

The only drawback is it prevents sunlight from coming through.

4. Sheer drapes

Sheer drapes are thin fabrics used to cover an aluminium window in Singapore. It allows sunlight to penetrate through the window whilst obscuring the view.

Don’t hesitate to get an aluminium sliding glass door in Singapore. Protect your privacy by applying these tips.

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