Monday, July 22

Moving Home: Some tips about Vehicle transport

If you are going to move to another city and do not want to worry about driving the car for long distances, the best option is to hire a company specialized in vehicle transport. With appropriate trucks and equipment, they are responsible for delivering your car or motorcycle to the final destination, safely and without complications. You can visit Shiply and instantly get in touch with the best and affordable car transport service provider. 

But do you know how vehicle transport works? Do you know what precautions to take when hiring a company for transportation?

In this article we bring the main information about this service, so that you have the means to hire the best option for you.

How is the vehicle transported?

Two types of trucks are normally used when transport vehicles – the stork and the platform truck. The choice will depend on the size of your vehicle, the number of cars you intend to transport, if you have an urgent delivery, etc. Check out details about each of the options, to find out which best fits your needs.


It is an open truck, which has a more resistant structure. Besides carrying passenger cars, it is also suitable for transporting medium-sized vehicles such as vans and pickup trucks. It has a tilt structure, which ensures that the loading and unloading process is done safely. It may also contain a winch-platform for the transport of large vehicles.


It is a two-story trailer, with the upper one being a tipper, so that the loading and unloading of vehicles is possible. It normally holds up to 11 passenger cars. It is ideal for the transport of fleets, but there are companies that offer this vehicle in a kind of sharing. Thus, they can fulfill orders from private customers.

Is it possible to transport vehicles in a trunk truck?

It is common to find companies in the market that offer vehicle transport, but that does not have either storks or platform trucks in their fleet. In these cases, the option offered is a box truck adapted for this service. There are companies that transport the vehicle together with the move, which is not recommended by most experts.

That’s because, even well packaged, your furniture and objects could move inside the truck, damaging your vehicle, especially in cases of sudden braking and collisions between vehicles. The disadvantage of transporting your car in an exclusive trunk truck for the service would be the cost, which is usually higher than that of a stork.

            How is vehicle transportation charged?

For the transport of vehicles, documentation of the owner and the vehicle is required. In general, to calculate the value of transport, companies consider the distance to be covered, the model and the value of the vehicle. Transport with an insurance policy also makes the service more expensive, as the specialized company charges, 1% of the declared value, on an average. The type of truck used can also influence the value. For fleet transport, the price is usually different. Before hiring, ask for various quotes and compare prices and conditions. Only then will you get the best quality-price ratio.