Friday, March 1

Top Benefits Of Infinity Genesis Max Massage Chairs To Revitalize Your Health

According to the World Health Statistics 2020, life expectancy and healthy life expectancy (HALE) have both increased by over 8% globally between 2000 and 2016

However, in these trying times, under this global pandemic, our health concerns have only been increasing, disrupting the future of sustainable health and would continue to do so in the coming years.

Because of this, the need to enhance our diet, take proper exercise, and treatment has begun to incorporate itself into our daily routines.

This is why esteemed professionals in the medical field have designed revolutionary technology to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Under this global pandemic, many would prefer to do it in the safety of their homes.

But state-of-the-art technology has brought us the Infinity Genesis Max massage chair that comes equipped with several defined features to maximize your health at the comfort of your home.

Let us evaluate the top benefits of the Infinity Genesis Max Massage Chair that will Revitalize your health.

Relax and Loosen Tight Muscles

Whether it’s overwork or a sedentary lifestyle, tissues tend to clam up and tighten under many factors that would result in tightened muscles.

Tight and unrelaxed muscles will dampen your body’s performance and deteriorate stamina if left unchecked for years.

However, thanks to Infinity Genesis Max Massage Chair, it is equipped with automated rollers that follow the spine’s curve from the neck, shoulder, back right down to the glutes and hamstrings. It ensures that you get that authentic spa-like massage that relaxes and stimulates your muscles.

Relaxed muscles will promote flexibility that’ll give you a wide range of motion throughout the next day.

Improves Blood Flow and Circulation

Not only does this massage chair relaxes tight muscles but along the way, it maximizes health benefits by improving blood flow and circulation as well. When muscles are relaxed it promotes blood flow and reduces blood pressure.

It is equipped with several top-rated massage programs to broaden the scope of its benefits. From neck & shoulder, waist & spine, and deep shiatsu, this massage chair has wide variations of massages to target specific areas to enhance circulation.

Additionally, it also has lumbar heat therapy to help warm and loosen the muscles in your back.

Heat therapy, also known as thermotherapy, is the process of heating your tissues to promote dilation of veins, thus promoting faster circulation. A well-rounded blood flow and circulation hasten oxygenation and cellular nutrition to supply your body with energy. Cellular nutrition also helps to increase healing as nutrition is transported faster throughout the body.

Improves Sleeping Habits

Sleep is without a doubt important for cell regeneration and replenishing stamina. It also boosts your immune system and better calorie regulation. That is why it is vital to get proper sleep, at least 7-8hr a day, to maximize its health benefits.

These massage chairs on sale have a Zero Gravity feature that elevates your knees in line with your heart to reduce blood pressure. It allows tension to be released in the spine to correct posture.

Correct posture improves health as the natural flow of the body follows the curve of the spine. When posture is correct, sleep habits tend to get better as blood flows naturally while asleep.

Reduces Stress

Stress can accumulate over time as we are faced with daily problems and inconveniencies. Disregarding stress level paves the way for many complications like heart diseases and many more.

That is why massage chairs like the Ergotec ET 150 Neptune massage chair have maximized not only health but also relaxation.

This massage chair is equipped with several airbags positioned in the hands, feet, calves, seat, arms and shoulder for that extra comfort.

It also has immersive wireless speakers to expand your experience with music of your choice.

These massage chairs have been designed to accommodate both health and relaxation to maximize their benefits.

Final Thoughts

This global pandemic has taken a toll on our health and mental stability. But in light of this, professionals in the medical field are always doing their best to revolutionize sustainable health.

The top benefits presented above are just a fraction of the medical innovation these massage chairs have to offer.

Experience the authentic feeling of a spa in the comfort of your homes as these top-rated massage chairs stimulate your muscles, improves blood flow, enhances sleep habits and reduce your stress.