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Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean

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No matter how many options of flooring you have, carpeting the floors have always been everyone’s favorite decor. But we have to clean it regular otherwise it can harm us and looks dirty too. In this article we will talk about different ways to clean a carpet at home.

You might have hardwood flooring, tile, marble, vinyl, and e.t.c flooring but deep down we all know that nothing completes a decoration as placing a beautiful carpet and you have to pay a price for beauty.

Carpet cleaning is a struggle to many and spotting those stains might ruin the beauty of your interior but worry no more, we are giving you insights into ways to keep your carpet clean. Here are the points with descriptions.

Schedule washing your carpet

The more you wait, the more dust you will get, and let’s face the fact that it gets more difficult and expensive to replace one. Try scheduling to wash your carpet every three months with the best shampoos available in the market for carpet cleaning. Scheduling your habit to wash carpet keeps your carpet clean all the time as well as it does not let your bacterias in. If you schedule a habit to clean it yourself you also don’t need to hire cleaning companies.

Remove the stains immediately

Accidents can happen anytime and those stains can be like a bad dream, very difficult to remove. If you have spilled water or any liquid on your carpet dry it out with a hairdryer or cloth but do not rub those stains, it just spreads. Use the best-recommended formula for stains or make yourself homemade remedies to kiss them goodbye. Make sure to do it as soon as possible.


It is highly suggested to vacuum your carpet regularly. Get yourself a vacuum whose height is adjustable. You can also buy an automated vacuum but make sure they get all the dust. Don’t forget the corners of the carpet. If possible do it daily, or aleast three days in an week.

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Be aware of bacterias

You cannot imagine the number of bacterias that a carpet can hold. It is considered that it collects more bacterias than your toilet. It absorbs different kinds of dust particles and sinks deeply into those fibers leaving your carpet dirty and dangerous so, disinfect your carpet with a steam cleaner and make sure not to leave the stains. Cleaning your carpet regularly can keep your carpet safe from most of all kinds of bacterias. 

Broom those dust

There are different types of brooms available in the market, make sure you get yourself one that works on your carpet. We suggest you use a stiff-bristled to get the dust properly but make sure to be patient enough on shaggy carpets.

Say bye-bye to pet furs

It’s absolutely lovely to have a pet. It relaxes your mind and keeps you entertained unless you notice those furs all-around your house. Try using a lint brush or roller to get those fur. Don’t be lazy to groom your pet to avoid that pain to clean the piled-up furs. Focus on the area where they usually stay and immediately pick up where visible.

Book a cleaning service

Above we mentioned different ways to keep your carpet clean that too yourself. But if you are busy or have no interest to clean yourself, you can always hire companies for that. But you have to pay them regularly because you have to hire them all the time. So, in my opinion for carpet cleaning it is better to clean it yourself rather than hiring a company. Make sure to hire the reputed and best company if you are planning to hire them.

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Carpet Cleaning can be a hassle task but a dirty carpet means dirtier air. Every time you step on those dirty carpets, it mixes up with the air and makes you unhealthy so, make sure to keep them clean. Many household remedies can assist you or else you can always call for help from the best cleaning agency.

If you have any other questions about keeping your carpet safe, feel free to comment here to ask so that our one of the cleaning expert can answer your question.