Tuesday, July 23

Why Tree Stump Removal is Good for Your Land


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Whether you had to have a tree removal service los angeles ca handled or you have moved onto a property that comes with a tree stump, you might be wondering if you really need to worry about having it removed. What is it hurting really? You might even like the look of a tree stump in your garden and want to keep it. But even if you are not seeing any issues with the stump at the moment the problems come along over time. Apart from the hazard of tripping, and roots causing damage, there are a few more reasons why you might want to change your mind and get moving on the removal process. 

Better looking garden

Now you might think you kinda like or can get used to the rustic nature of a tree stump on your land but imagine it when it starts rotting down even more. Covered in moss and mould, attracting pests. Imagine what that area could like like with lush green grass, plants, another healthy tree. Also, consider the impact that rotting stump might have on first-time visitors. If you have a commercial property it might even be putting people off, if it is own your residential property and you are thinking of selling, that stump will put off some buyers. Tree stump removal rochester hills mi shows you care about your property and it presents opportunities with that part of the land once it is gone.

Safer for people and property

Apart from being unsightly, they are genuinely a hazard for health and safety reasons to anyone using the property. Often people trip over them or around them on the roots that are showing. Children play around them and can fall. As mentioned they are also a site that pests and vermin are drawn to. From that stump, those pests are likely to make their way into your home or workplace and then you have to pay for pest removal as well as stump removal naperville il! Not to mention those pests are bad for your health.

How do professionals do it?

Whether you need tree removal Sydney and then the stump was taken away too, or you have just a stump that you want handling, the process is the same. Nowadays most professional tree services will use stump grinding methods. They have a specific machine that grinds the sump down turning it into chips you can then use elsewhere on your property, or taking it with them. The roots remain but you can plant over them and eventually the roots decay too.


It is quite easy to find a professional tree stump removal service and with just one call you can soon have a property that looks great and is safer to use. Just look for services with experience, an arborist is good, a qualified and trained tree expert if you want advice about the rest of the trees you have. They can handle all the physical labour and give you that space on your land back again!