Saturday, June 22

Wicker Rattan – What You Should Know About Wicker Rattan Light Fixtures

Rattan is an evergreen naturally growing vine-like species which is indigenous to many tropical areas of eastern Australia, Asia, and Africa. They were once a major part of interior house design even in its early days. Typically found as a heavy furniture piece, rattan now has made its way to your home in yet another form: lighting.

A rattan lamp shade comes in many shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. You are practically guaranteed to find one that fits your personal taste and style. For example, a single light single bell rattan pendant light can be used as a standalone fixture or incorporated with other rattan pieces for a more rustic look. The light itself is typically made of fiberglass reinforced with a metal cover or stem to withstand being used outdoors or for indoor use. The bulbs typically run on standard triple A batteries although there are many battery options available for purchase. The actual type of bulb and how long the bulb will last will vary depending on the specific fixture you purchase.

Another interior application that rattan comes in is for lighting. Since rattan is extremely durable and strong, it makes an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor applications alike, and also other items such as rattan chairs, round rattan bag and many more. It can provide both subtle accents to your interior or as the main light source. Either way, this is a very easy way to add charm and interest to your interior decor.

One very unique application of rattan and one that provides great benefits to your home decor is for boho chic lighting. Long used in Bali, Indonesia, to create beautiful beach inspired lighting, rattan is making a big comeback in the home decor industry as well. In fact, it has become such a style factor for many of today’s modern boho chic homes and designs that many manufacturers have incorporated rattan into their own line of products.

As with any piece of rattan, there are a few details you should be aware of before making a purchase. While there are generally no mechanical parts, the texture of the rattan will affect the overall quality of the light. Because the rattle of rattan is such a natural occurrence, it does require some patience to properly place the light within the area desired. While some people will simply position the piece on the surface, other people will try to place it in deeper, to get a better angle and better lighting effect. While placement of the rattan pendant light is generally not a problem, placement inside of a room may pose a problem for some. As with most metal frame lighting fixtures, you should allow extra space for the rattan pendant light to properly function.

In addition to rattan pendant light and other types of such decor, many people also choose to use bamboo shades or lighting fixtures as the focus of their interior design scheme. The bamboo hanger or shade is available in many different shapes, sizes, and colors to coordinate with the interior design of any home. While the use of bamboo in interior design is not as widespread as that of rattan, there is certainly no shortage of bamboo products to choose from and a wide price range to choose from as well.

If you want to match a specific aspect of your interior design scheme, you may want to consider purchasing rattan light fixtures. The installation process of using rattan fixture or wicker shade is not difficult or complicated. If you are working with a very small area, you may want to consider using just one light fixture or wicker shade. This can provide subtle background lighting, but it can also provide the additional accent of a single bright, dancing light.

While many may shy away from the use of wicker rattan or wicker furniture due to the perception that these products require maintenance, it can actually be quite simple to keep them looking their best. Using a special wicker cloth on a regular basis will help to keep the fibers of the rattan clean. It is important not to use a too abrasive or coarse cloth as this could damage the natural fibers of the rattan. Washing the wicker rattan furniture at least once every six months will also help to ensure that it continues to look its best. By keeping the rattan furniture properly maintained, you will enjoy years of use and enjoyment from this beautiful piece of furniture.