Tuesday, July 23

Will Impact Doors& Windows Lower My Energy Bills?

Are you worried about high energy bills in your home? Maybe you need a few upgrades! An example is installing storm impact doors and windows. These are valuable investments and will raise the value of your property. Impact doors and windows feature strong laminate glass that blocks cold air and ensures adequate insulation in your home.

What are impact doors and windows?

Impact doors and windows are unique products made to withstand extremely high winds, flying debris, and hurricane damage. They feature thick frames reinforced with steel or aluminum for superior strength. Moreover, they are usually fitted with impact-resistant glass, designed to absorb the force from strong winds, avoiding shuttering. They come in different types, and you should learn more about them before purchasing.

Who needs impact doors and windows?

Everyone living in areas prone to extreme weather should invest in storm doors and windows. Homes in areas prone to tropical storms or wind-borne debris are all at risk of storm damage. 

Therefore, installing impact doors and windows during a home upgrade is a cost-effective way to enhance your family’s safety. It also improves your security and saves some bucks on energy expenses. 

These doors and windows are airtight and can help reduce air leaks. They will keep conditioned air inside your home, and your HVAC system won’t overwork to cool or heat your interiors. Moreover, they make it easier for your HVAC system to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. 

Impact doors and windows are highly durable replacements in your home. During intense storms, they keep off flying debris that could otherwise smash through traditional glass windows or doors. With hurricane-resistant windows and doors, you can be at peace knowing your property is secure during harsh weather conditions.

How do impact doors& windows help lower energy bills?

They lock out cold air

Storm doors are an excellent way to help reduce energy bills in the home. They are designed to keep the conditioned air inside while preventing outside air from getting in. This means the warm air will be trapped inside when temperatures drop, while cold drafts and outdoor elements will be blocked. 

Excellent insulation

Storm doors and windows also provide excellent insulation against external noise, making it possible to enjoy a quieter living space. Regarding energy savings, storm windows can help reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 25%.

 Due to their higher insulation value, these windows can act as a barrier between your home’s interior and exterior environment.

And can achieve this by blocking out intense sun rays or wind chills that would otherwise penetrate through conventional windows and doors.

Reduced chances of forced entries

Impact-resistant glass helps improve security against intruders. This can also translate into lower energy bills due to fewer incidents of forced entry or window break-ins. 

Final thoughts

Installing hurricane-resistant windows is an excellent way for homeowners to cut on energy bills. However, you should only acquire high-quality products and have them installed by experts. Get top-quality impact windows and doors today and enjoy a more secure home and lower energy bills!