Saturday, May 25

4 Reasons You Need To Call a 24-Hour Electrician

Almost everything today runs on power – from lights, cooling, heating, storing food, studies, work, entertainment, medical devices, and even cars. We are now living in a world where everyone is used to electricity being constant and readily available. So when an unexpected electrical problem comes up, it can be really inconvenient and frustrating. For more serious issues, however, they can put you and your loved ones in danger.

See, electrical emergencies are critical and require an urgent response. When left unattended, they can lead to damages to your property, injuries, and even death. The worse part is, they are common, and they can happen at any time. And when it does, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to make sure you know what to do and when to call a professional. To help you out, here are 4 reasons you need to call a 24-hour electrician.

1. Sudden Loss of Power

Losing power in one or two of your rooms can be bothersome. However, it can be very concerning if you suddenly lose power, but your neighbors have not. This means the electric problem is within your home. So to restore your power, you will need to contact a 24-hour electrician.

Aside from getting your power back, an electrician will also determine what caused the blackout. This is crucial, so you’ll know whether you have a minor issue in your hands or a serious one. Knowing what caused the problem can also help you prevent bigger and costlier damages in the future.

2. Hearing Strange Noises

Electrical sounds are normal. However, they are muffled and very quiet that it’s almost impossible to hear them. So when you start hearing strange electrical noises that are louder than usual, then consider calling for an emergency electrician Santa Ana CA. Buzzing, zapping, or humming sounds when you plug appliances or turn on a switch can be an indication of a serious problem with your electrical circuit or wiring. If left unattended, this could lead to a fire.

You should also contact a professional immediately if you are starting to hear strange noises from your electrical panel. A buzzing sound is a sign that you’re using an outdated fuse box or you’re experiencing a major issue with one of your breakers. In both cases, your panel might be malfunctioning. So never try to turn off the electricity as touching it can cause a high voltage shock.

3. Burning or Smoking Outlets

Outlets can begin to smoke, burn, or feel hot to the touch for many reasons. If you have outdated wiring in your home, this can degrade and cause a short out. Also, if your wiring can’t handle the number of gadgets or appliances plugged into an outlet, then your wiring may overload. Furthermore, your outlets can catch fire if the electrician you hired for the job used substandard parts or did a poor job.

All these instances can put you and your loved ones in danger. So once you see smoke or a burning smell from your outlets, make sure to call a 24-hour electrician quickly.

4. Seeing Large Sparks

Sparks are common when you plug something in to an outlet. However, if they are bigger, not blue, and last for more than a second, then it’s time to call a professional. Large sparks can be an indication of an improperly installed outlet. It may also mean you are experiencing an overloaded outlet or faulty wiring. In any case, all these electrical issues can lead to a fire and cause harm to you and your family.

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