Tuesday, July 23

Blinds or Curtains what’s best for your room

Curtains or blinds a war that is going on for a while. Curtains have been part of our interior decoration for centuries; they are more part of our tradition then decoration. Whereas, blinds are also used as window coverings for years. People who prefer curtains are always in silent opposition to those who love shades. Both serve the same function in different manners. While the debate between blinds versus curtains goes long and long, it ends on only one thing – that is, personal preference.  Here I will try to describe their benefits along with the pros and cons of both the products with an unbiased approach. The decision will be yours to pick whatever you want.


Curtains a fabric covering to our windows and doors that; enhance beauty, and provide many benefits. For instance, they are the best thermal and noise insulator to our rooms. Draping or curtains are part of decorations since centuries that’s why they give us a traditional touch along their many other perks.

Curtains are not any piece of fabric that can be installed at your windows. Now, curtains are available in many types, styles and designs. You may even go for theme based curtains for your room. Not only this curtain gives you more privacy and may prove as an additional room at your home. Here I am mentioning a few Pros and cons of curtains.


  • Curtains are available in many colors and textures along with tons of different textures.
  • You may opt for different thickness options for your curtains like thick or thermal-backed curtains. The selection may differ according to your need and decoration compatibility choice. In summers you might want minimum heat in your room so a thick curtain with light color or texture will suit
  • Curtains are a better noise insulator than any blind.


  • Curtains can’t perform best at every place like in bathrooms and also not a good option for the kitchen.
  • Curtains can get dirty quickly and quicker, especially in places with kids.
  • Sometimes maintenance of curtains can be hectic.


Blinds are a modern and innovative type of window coverings with lots of benefits like more durability, cost-effectiveness and a fit for every possible corner. Blinds also offer designs and types which are of course, different from curtains. Blinds are modern, practical and more functional items with the ability to filter the amount of light that enters into your room while still providing an excellent level of privacy. Blinds offer energy efficiency without cutting any heat sources, for instance; radiators.

Few types of blinds offer great help in insulating weather hardships. That may save you a lot of heating and cooling bills. Blinds give you a modern look with the colors and designs in which they are available. Here I am mentioning a few pros and cons of Blinds which might help in better understanding of its perks and drawbacks.


  • Blinds are available in different colors and designs that reflect the modern decoration style.
  • Many blinds are available in different slat size and thickness options, like Roman blinds.
  • Custom made blinds are much cheaper than custom made curtains.
  • Blinds are a perfect fit for any place at your home or office. They are more preferred in the kitchen and bathrooms where curtains are considered impractical.
  • Blinds are not only cheaper; they are also easy to clean and maintain. Blinds are usually resistant to stain; that’s why they don’t get dirty quickly.
  • Blinds give you the privilege to filter the amount of light. On the other hand, curtains provide you two options, only a blackout or full sun.
  • Blinds are durable from many types of curtains.


  • Blinds are not available in textures as curtains do
  • Blinds do not offer you a blackout option at your home.
  • Blinds are not good energy savers like curtains.


After discussing all these pros and cons, we may find that both have their perks and drawbacks are avoidable. If you select according to your needs, you can enjoy all the perks without any discomfort.