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Do You Want to Select A HDB Bedroom Door? Here are Few Interesting Options

If you are unsure which HDB main door style you want for your bedroom door, go with the most preferred options. Choose your door with any popular colour, material, and texture, whether it is wooden or metallic.

Your bedroom must be a place where you can unwind and feel safe. If the colours and designs of doors are excessively loud and sharp, they can cause unnecessary distractions and attract you away from the tranquillity of your bedroom. As a result, a traditional design is always the safest choice.

You may consider SG door for buying your quality HDB bedroom door, as they are one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of doors in Singapore.

When you look for HDB bedroom doors then you have got the following options:

  1. Hollow-core

Plywood is used to make hollow-core bedroom doors because it is softer and lighter. For further durability, the plywood or cardboard is piled in a honeycomb design before being wrapped in a more durable type of material like veneer.

Hollow core doors are less expensive because the door panel will be empty, and they are also much easier to install due to their lightness.

  1. Semi-solid core

As it has an outer layer pushed into the plywood for greater thickness and weight, an HDB bedroom door of semi solid-core will be heavier than any hollow-core door.

Materials like laminate and wood veneer can be used for the external layer. They are more durable and resistant than hollow-core doors, although they cost a little more.

  1. Solid core

A solid core bedroom door, like a hollow-core bedroom door, features outer plywood skin. The solid core door will be fully filled with various materials, one of which is plywood. This distinguishes it from other solid core doors. As a result, solid core doors are the most soundproof of the three, as well as the most expensive.

A door having a solid core, will still be less costly than a door made entirely of solid wood. As a result, some people may prefer any solid core door particularly for their bedroom to any solid wooden door. A solid core door also provides adequate soundproofing without being overly hefty for the space.

Because of the weight, solid core doors provide a more sumptuous feel and are the most durable among these door types. It is vital to know that this can be utilised in Singapore for any HDB fire-rated doors. As such, doors can withstand fire and allow people to flee in the event of a fire.

  1. Bedroom door

For Singapore residents, contemporary interior design is a popular choice. The clean and elegant lines that are commonly used in such interior design genres appeal to many HDB residents.

To make a unique kind of bedroom door, personalise doors using organic materials e.g. marble tiles or glass for a contemporary design of bedroom door.

Another option for increasing the privacy in your bedroom is to use frost glass doors. They are frequently available in a variety of designs and patterns, allowing you to have more discretion over the HDB bedroom door type you choose.

  1. Multi-use bedroom doors

Multiple application doors are nowadays becoming increasingly popular, despite the fact that the traditional strategy has always been linear. Different applications are being introduced to the house in new home designs.

Sliding doors are frequently used in conjunction with bi-fold and pocket doors. Half-sliding doors are also becoming more common as a way to reduce space in the home.

Is there any penalty for not getting any fire-rated door?

In case you want to renovate your flat, you must use an HDB-registered renovation contractor. You will be punished as an owner of a flat if you do not use any HDB registered contractor to complete the job.

You could face a fine of a maximum of up to $5,000, also additional penalties if you are found guilty of not procuring a proper fire-rated door from any HDB licenced contractor.

Please acquire your fire-rated door from any HDB certified contractor like SG Doors to ensure that you will not break any HDB regulations. If your suppliers fail to sell you the correct door, they will be responsible for the fines. As a result, they will never offer you a door, which is incompatible with your HDB unit.