Wednesday, April 17

Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Window Style


When you are overseeing a window replacement or new construction project, choosing an exterior window style is always important. To choose the right style, there are some tips that you should know. This article will show you a few useful tips that can assist you to select the right exterior window style.

  • Understand the purpose of the windows

Each window style has a particular purpose that it can serve. Therefore, you must consider this factor before selecting the right exterior window style. If you are looking for aesthetics, ornamental and fixed windows are your best bet. Double or single-hung windows will come in handy for rooms that need lots of ventilation.

Of course, you don’t need to use a single window style for a room. In other words, you can combine two or more window styles for a single room.

  • Consider the architectural style of your home

Every home has a particular architectural style, and this style must be considered before selecting a window style. You must make sure that the selected exterior window style suits your home’s architectural style. Once you have known the architectural design of your home, research the window style that goes with it.

  • Use colorful mullions and window frames

Another window replacement tip for selecting the right exterior window style is using colorful window frames and mullions. Notably, colorful frames and mullions can improve the overall look of your home and add to its overall value.

  • Choose the right window for the required amount of ventilation

Windows are meant to help you to control the amount of fresh air that comes in and out of a room. Therefore, you must think about the amount of ventilation that a room needs before selecting a window for it.

For instance, if you are working on window replacement for a kitchen or bedroom, you should only choose operable windows like awning or casement windows. However, fixed or picture windows are good for a living room that needs obstructed views of the surrounding environment. However, you can use a combination of different window styles for a window opening.

  • Select windows that suit your interiors

To create an amazing ambiance inside your home, your exterior window style must suit your interiors. Given this, you should take a look at the interiors of your home and find a window style that fits it. For example, if you need a window style for your kitchen, you should go for something that allows lots of light and air to come into the area. This will suit the interiors of the bathroom and prevent moisture from building up inside the area.

  • Pick the right accent colors for the frames

You may have a hard time selecting the right accent colors for your frames. Nonetheless, you can take inspiration from the outdoors of other homes within your neighborhood. Generally, it is recommended that you select an accent color that suits the trim color of your house. Your local home improvement or paint store can provide some of the best color palettes for your window frames.

By following these useful tips, it will be easier for you to select the right exterior window style for your home.