Thursday, June 13

Where Should You Live In Rental Apartment: Top Floor Or Ground Floor

No other decision is weightier than choosing in which rental apartment to live in; upstairs or downstairs. This is one of those important choices on which is your next year is dependent, based on the timeline of your lease. Before coming to a conclusion and zeroing in your option for apartments for rent in Farmington Hills MI, here are some of the factors to consider.

Living Upstairs Or Downstairs: Which Is Better?

The Upside Of Living Upstairs

  • Panoramic Views

It doesn’t matter if your apartment is a duplex or is multistoried, the views are always spectacular as you go upstairs. When you take the top floor for rent, you get the feel of staying amidst the cloud. You can gaze and marvel at the view outside from the top floor while binging on your breakfast.

  • Improved Levels Of Privacy

When you rent apartments for rent in Farmington Hills MI on the top floor, you rule out the possibility of someone taking a sneak peek from your windows into your living room. This way, experiencing better privacy becomes simpler.

The Downside Of Living Upstairs

  • Likelihood Of Inconveniences

Staying upstairs means having to drag your heavy grocery bag, and yourself, in case of elevators don’t work. 

  • Spike In Air-Conditioning Bills

Heat is always on the rising side as you go upstairs. The top floor gets warmer as the heat rises and this leads to an increase in air-conditioner bills.

The Upside Of Living In The Ground Floors

  • Outdoor Living Area

Getting to enjoy the outdoor living space is one of the primary reasons why people stay upstairs in the apartments for rent in Farmington Hills MI.

  • Luxurious Amenities

Apart from reduced rent, a lot of apartments also offer state-of-the-art appliances when you live on the bottom floor.

The Downside Of Living In The Upper Floors

  • More Noise

You might constantly be bothered by stomping noises produced by your neighbors just above you. Above all, living on the bottom floors also means you will be disturbed by other noises like stray dogs barking, noisy pedestrians.

  • Worrisome Pests

One of the biggest drawbacks of staying downstairs is experiencing pest infestation all the time. The chances of pests and rodents crawling through your lower apartments are more likely than those situated upstairs.

Now since you have all the points here, it would be easier for you to decide as to where to live in a rental apartment in Farmington Hills. Both the top floor and bottom floor have their drawbacks and upsides. However, choosing where to stay entirely depends upon your preference.