Thursday, June 13

Is It The Right Time To Upgrade To A Landed House From A Condo?

With its declining number of vacant parcels and limited land, Singapore is the center of numerous residential types. Within these choices, landed properties, like the Pollen Collection landed houses, and condominiums are among the most preferred ones. For those who could afford both housing types, selecting between landed property and a condo in Singapore isn’t simple.

The modernistic appeal and luxurious magnificence of condos are tough to turn down. Along with top-notch facilities and complete amenities, who wouldn’t wish to stay in a condominium? Nevertheless, landed properties, such as Pollen Collection landed houses, are recognized for their abundance concerning space. The no limitation ownership is also attractive, most particularly to potential conservative homeowners. So, what’s better, landed property or condo? Having trouble deciding which is better, check this out.

Condo Vs. Landed Property Singapore – A Comparison

Facilities and Amenities

Condominium – recognized for keeping modern-day facilities complete lifestyle amenities and, nothing could win against the fancy facilities being provided by most condos. From gyms, swimming pools, landscaped gardens, function rooms, tennis courts, kid’s playgrounds, 24/7 security parking slots, you name it, and they have it all.

Landed Property – landed properties come tight in this part. Some may include facilities and amenities based on the property type, but they’re not as comprehensive as those on condos. Mostly swimming pools and clubhouses, these facilities are only accessible on landed properties established within gated communities.

Noise and Privacy

Condo – since condos are high-populated living, anticipate noise and less privacy from tenants next to your unit. There will be children playing around very early in the morning, foot-stomping at midnight, couples fighting at any given time – noise could be pretty harsh since a wall is the only thing that separates you. And in a city that never sleeps, be ready to listen to plenty of street commotion, particularly those dwelling on lower grounds.

Landed Property – landed properties’ privacy is no doubt great; you could do whatever you desire without thinking about your neighbors getting sneaky. Moreover, the disturbance is much more regulated since houses are placed fairly far away from each other. And if you own a large backyard, your home is situated far from the roads making the environment sound little to none at all. If you desire a more peaceful life where you could calmly loosen up at night, you should go for landed property.

Freedom of Space

Condo – In this nation, space has been deemed precious as gold. Although few condominiums offer large residential spaces like a penthouse or 5BR units, they cost over a million dollars. Typically, condominiums have a tinier footprint, and they do not feature an outdoor area except for the balcony and service area.

Landed Property – if space is top of your main concern, a landed property would never disappoint you. What surely makes landed properties a winner regarding this category is how they offer outdoor and indoor space for you to use as you want. You could transform that additional area into your kids’ playground, mini pool, garden, dog house, extra parking lot, etc. You could even vertically expand the floor area to include more rooms.

Extra Fees and Security

Condo –  As stated earlier, condo maintenance does not come free. You must pay monthly association fees for maintaining not only the unit but for common facilities, too. Many people, mainly those who do not use every facility, see this additional fee as an extra payment of living. Monthly payment includes ensuring the security of your home 24/7. Condos do have high-end security with their 24/7 CCTV cameras, roving guards, and personnel.

Landed Property – you’re not obliged to pay any monthly association fees with these properties, except for homes constructed in exclusive subdivisions. By any chance you don’t want the amenities, you do not have to pay for those; hence there are no additional fees to fret about. However, when talking about security, you’re the one responsible for ensuring that your home is safe 24/7.