Saturday, March 2

5 Signs Indicating That Shows Its Time for Cabinet Refacing

Everyone wants to make their home attractive and to try something innovative. Additionally, a kitchen puts a different impression of your house on others as the kitchen is the heart of the home. To give a kitchen a different look a cabinet keeps an important role. Hence, it’s necessary to make your cabinet attractive.

How to get your kitchen renovate or remodel?

Nowadays finding the right kitchen contractor is a tough task. However, for these issues, you can trust 5 Days Kitchenwho will renovate your kitchen with their specialized skill especially in cabinet installation giving your kitchen a whole different look. For a kitchen renovation, another great option is Heilman Renovation. Both companies are based in North Vancouver.

About Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is a process of replacing the kitchen cabinets and the doors and the drawers with the different ones to get ease to work or to change the look of the kitchen.

Here are some designs for cabinet refacing:

  • Cathedral cabinets: this is one of the popular, Gothic styles where the doors are consisting of raised arch design and beautiful curves.
  • Glass-Front cabinets: these types of cabinets give the kitchen an advanced and modern look with their glass-made doors and shutters.
  • Flat-slab cabinets: this kitchen design with raised panel gives the kitchen a gentle look at a cheaper cost as compared to the others.
  • Shakers cabinet: this is the kitchen design with a flat central panel-like feature and square edges giving the kitchen a perfect look.
  • Traditional cabinets: with this style of cabinet, you can customize with a variety of colors and materials. It is mostly known for its durability.

Signs for cabinet refacing

At a point in time, we have to change things and get updated even same with our kitchen cabinets. So, let’s discuss the signs after which you should look for your cabinet refacing without wasting time:

·       Stops working properly

A cabinet is a place when you keep your kitchen stuff safely. However, if it gets non-functional or damaged then definitely you have to struggle more to work in the kitchen also it will make your kitchen look messy and unorganized.

·       To make your kitchen customized

If you are looking to get your kitchen customized then it is a perfect time for refacing your cabinets. Where you will get a lot of choices.

·       Inconvenient storage measures

If you are facing trouble in managing the space inside your cabinets to put the stuff properly then you can try cabinet refacing as by this you can introduce perfect storage measures.

·       Low budget

If you are not having enough budget for your kitchen design then you can go for cabinet refacing as it is cheaper as compared to get the whole kitchen remodeling.

·       Outdated designs

If your kitchen is outdated and also giving a worn and grimy appearance you can go for cabinet refacing with updated cabinets, which will also give a modern and smart look to your kitchen.


It is very necessary to get cabinet refacing whenever you are getting these signs with the help of a kitchen company.