Monday, July 22

Primary Reasons Why Bathroom Refurbishment Is Essential

Many house owners neglect the renovation of their bathrooms, as it may seem to be an unnecessary expense to them. However, they forget that an old bathroom can turn into a matter of headache for them, due to its non-functional features that demand urgent repair or replacements. There are multiple reasons for which the bathroom refurbishment Ballarat should be a prime concern for all owners of old houses here.

Repair of undetected water leakage – Often old taps, sink pipes, and toilets leak out water, which keeps the bathroom floor humid all the time. This condition encourages the growth of moulds and other parasites, making the bathroom unhygienic for humans. Moreover, the damp floor can damage the underlying electrical wirings in the bathroom. Hence, it is important to find out the undetected leakage and repair it to save a huge waste of water during the process of bathroom refurbishment Ballarat.  

Increase of storage features – A bathroom can have more free space and an uncluttered look if all toiletries and other things are safely stored in racks or cabinets. Bathroom cabinets can be mounted on the wall above the toilet cistern or below the sink, to make good use of those spaces. It is best to choose cabinets made of composite plywood that is waterproof and highly durable. However, cheaper cabinets made of engineered particle board or fibreboard can be popular choices to be installed in rental homes.

Betterment of bathroom appearance – The renovation of an old bathroom helps in improving its overall look. The stained and damaged tiles of the floor and walls are replaced with slip-resistant tiles of unique shades and designs. Some existing fixtures can be simply polished or painted to render a new look to the bathroom refurbishment Ballarat. The additions of a new mirror, lighting fixtures of modern styles, and shiny brass knobs on cabinet doors can make the bathroom more attractive. The beautiful look of a bathroom can help in boosting the resale property value of the house. 

Make the bathroom more comfortable – New features can be added to gain more functional benefits to the bathroom, like sleek handrails for aged people near the toilet and shower zone. The addition of a glass shower screen or a bright light just above the mirror can help users in loving their bathrooms more. A new towel rack and a soap tray near the bathtub can make the baths more enjoyable for people. A shower chair and a wall-mounted or free stool can help aged people in taking rest whenever needed in the bathroom.

Thus, house owners need to set a specific budget for the bathroom refurbishment Ballarat, to enjoy all these advantages.