Saturday, June 22

Are Earwigs Harmful for Human Health? 

An earwig is an elongated insect with a pair of terminal appendages resembling pincers. Earwigs have a terrible reputation as people consider them to travel up to their ears and harm them. However, the less known fact about earwigs is that they are harmless; their pincers do not contain venom, so they are not poisonous. 

Some people have misconceptions regarding earwigs; they believe that earwigs sting through their pincers. But one should understand that a stinger is different from a pincer. A stinging insect uses a stinger to penetrate the skin and cause infection. At the same time, earwigs do neither have a stinger nor possess venom or poison sac. 

If you ever see an earwig in your house, do not worry. Earwigs are calm species, but they can pinch using pincers when provoked. The pinch is not harmful; it only causes temporary discomfort. Earwigs do not eat up wood or destroy your house. In all, earwigs are better tolerated than termites, bed bugs, or other pests. However, being harmless does not permit earwigs to be your permanent guests. You have to take measures to eliminate earwigs from your house. To do so, you can contact a professional Live Oak pest control service. A team of pest specialists can help you eliminate the earwig infestation. 

What health risks can be caused by earwigs? 

The preceding paragraphs mention that earwigs do not sting or have venom or poison sacs. However, they are known to pinch, but the pinch is harmless and causes only some discomfort. In rare cases, the pinch can be intense and break the skin. If the skin breaks, it is possible that germs from the soil present on the pincers might enter the blood. A person is advised to take antibiotics and apply antiseptic lotions in such cases. 

There are no known injuries caused by earwigs that would require immediate medical attention. The earwig can be found in the ear in some sporadic cases, hence the name. 

Some people think that earwigs lay eggs or enter the brain. It is not valid. But if you have a concern, you may talk to a doctor. 

How do I get rid of earwigs?

Earwigs are attracted to bright lights; they enter your house through small holes, gaps, and cracks. To get rid of earwig infestation, you can use a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water; this mixture is supposed to be sprayed on the earwigs to kill them.

It would be challenging for you to deal with earwigs all by yourself. To get help, you should contact a pest control service center. They are experts in dealing with pest situations, and treatment is highly effective in eliminating all kinds of pests.