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Things to Know About Home Painting Services in Oklahoma City 

Even though the nearest beach to Oklahoma is miles away, the state is highly humid, with an average humidity level of almost 70 percent. One of the reasons is the moisture-laden southern winds that blow from Texas. 

But what does that have to do with painting? Well, high humidity causes paint to discolor and develop a condition called surfactant leaching (causing the walls to develop white, brown spots). The best solution to deal with it is to apply a fresh coat of paint after repairing the plaster.

And that is why experienced painters oklahoma city, as in the rest of the state, recommend people to paint their homes every five to ten years. Any later than that, your walls will experience complete deterioration. And it’s not just your interiors but also your exteriors that are affected by natural elements. 

Hiring professional painters is better than trying to do the job yourself, as they examine your house thoroughly before starting a project to know your exact requirements. They give you a choice of various paint products, colors, and sheens, depending on your budget. 

But before you go ahead and book professional painting services, it is better to know a few things.

Do Painters need a license in Oklahoma?

General contractors and subcontractors, including painters, do not need a license to paint houses in Oklahoma City or anywhere else in the city. However, painters should have insurance before starting a project.

You should only hire those with the necessary insurance documents as that will cover any damage to your property during the painting process. 

Do painters provide a warranty period?

Good companies are confident regarding their work quality and offer a warranty term of one year for a single coat and two years for two coats. However, the warranties usually come with certain conditions, which is something you should ask them beforehand. 


Types of residential services provided

Most companies, or at least the experienced ones, provide these residential services in Oklahoma. 

Interior and Exterior Painting

Painting your home’s interiors is crucial for keeping your home in top condition. It keeps away pests, minimizes damage to your walls, helps the surface withstand regular wear and tear, and enhances indoor air quality. 

Some areas that interior painting covers are trims, ceilings, basement, cabinet, bathroom, and kitchen, while the services included are popcorn ceiling removal, wallpaper removal, and plaster and drywall repair.

Exterior painting services include exterior wall painting, roof painting, fence painting, and various other services. Fence and deck painting and staining help protect them from rotting, discoloring, or decreasing their longevity. Using premium paint, the professionals ensure that your fence and deck retain a fresh appearance besides being structurally sound. 

Reasons to Have Your Home Painted

According to the Air Quality Index, Oklahoma City is the fifth most populated city in the USA. The American Lung Association states that its air contains particle pollution and ozone. Although painting cannot improve the air quality by 100 percent, it does break down pollutants and chemicals, purifying the air in the process. 

Furthermore, applying a fresh coat of paint has also been shown to increase a home’s value. According to real estate experts, having your home painted increases its value by about 2,654 USD. 


You should hire experienced painters in Oklahoma City to paint your interiors and exteriors. Painting helps improve your air quality, increases your home value, improves your mood, and gives your house a new appearance.