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Top Tips for Styling a Kitchen with Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Natural wood kitchen cabinets are in fashion. Adored for their first-rate functional properties, these drawers are turning out to be an attraction for almost everyone. In this article, we have featured the most common type of natural wood cabinets; namely, oak kitchen cabinets.

Continue reading to discover ways of enhancing the interior of a pantry with oak cabinets.

Oak Kitchen Cabinets Explained

In terms of visual demeanour, oak cabinets, especially, when unpainted, are defined by honey-colored hues that more often range between live and pale undertones. Because of the hardwood properties of oak wood, these drawers come with straight-grained finishes that make them the easiest cabinets to stain and paint.

Besides their natural wood background, honey-toned appearance and straight-grained finishes, oak kitchen cabinets are defined by the following features.

1. Long Lifespan

As in the case of almost all types of natural wood kitchen cabinets, oak cupboards are longer-lasting. Because of their coarse surfaces, the probabilities of oak cabinets being corroded by spills and smudges are very low, regardless of whether they are left in their natural bare wood appearance, stained, or painted.

Therefore, if you have ever dreamed of owning cabinets with a higher resale value, simply opt for oak kitchen cabinets. Regardless of how long you use them, you can be sure that they will prove to be valuable when you decide to sell them.

2. Practicability

In terms of functionality, oak cabinets are amazing. Apart from matching every kitchen interior design, these drawers are simpler to decorate, especially when you decide to mix them with varying design materials.

If you go for designs with the generic honey-toned appearance associated with oak cabinets, you will find out that they can match almost all colors, which can explain to you why they are considered simpler to work with.

3. Versatility

Apart from their unrivalled lifespan and functional characteristics, oak kitchen cabinets are defined by their versatile attributes. From classic to contemporary designs like farmhouse and modern kitchen cabinets, oak cabinets come in all designs and styles.

Since they can be painted, stained, or even left in the bare wood appearance of oak hardwood, oak kitchen cabinets arguably provide multiple design options that any designer or homeowner can choose from. This is good news because there are higher chances of finding the most perfect design where options are vast.

How to Style a Kitchen with Oak Cabinets

1. Stain or Paint Oak Cabinets

Whereas oak cabinets are beautiful when left in the natural honey-toned hue of oak hardwood, they can seem out of place inside your pantry if you don’t know how to work with them well. To make oak cabinets look ultra-modern, you need to stain or paint them according to the visual aesthetics you want to perfectly define your pantry.

If your oak kitchen cabinets are already painted or stained, you can repaint or re-stain them to enhance their outlook. Thankfully, because of their straight-grained finishing, oak cupboards are splendid in stain or paint absorbance.

When outfitting oak cupboards, you must consider the following factors;

  • Process of outfitting
  • Materials and tools needed for the outfitting exercise
  • Your cabinet design preference
  • Cost of outfitting

2. Outfit Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Closed-shelved oak cabinets left in the natural honey-toned outlook of oak can make an interior seem compact or congested. Therefore, to enhance the interior of a cookhouse with such oak cupboard designs, outfitting the cabinetry is necessary.

In outfitting the cabinetry, you are simply making it seem less compact, for example by removing some cabinets and converting some closed shelves to open shelves. Fortunately, with their natural hardwood material, oak cupboards are considerably easier to outfit.

3. Accessorize the Cabinets

As interior designers often assert, accessorizing cabinets is one way to enhance the interior outlook of any type of kitchen. Depending on the aesthetic features you want to blend inside your pantry, there are different options you can choose from in terms of accessories.

These include rustic or vintage elements as well as modern industrial appliances, for example, knobs, handles, pulls, hinges, and ornamentation of metals like gold, stainless steel, copper, and chrome.

4. Blend Colors

Color mixing is another sure strategy for enhancing the visual demeanour of the interior of a kitchen with oak cabinets. You are lucky if you opt for oak cupboards with the generic oak outlook. Because of their undertones, they can match a wide range of colors, from classic to contemporary shades.

However, if you choose painted or stained oak kitchen cabinets, you should only work with colors that match their paint or stain. To enhance the outlook that can come out if you blend oak cabinets with colors, you can add accessories to the cabinets not to mention incorporating hardware of different textures and colors.

Things to Consider When Working with Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Now that you have discovered perfect tips for enhancing the interior outlook of a kitchen with oak cabinets, you need to get acquainted with factors worth considering while working with oak cabinets.

These factors include the following;

State of the Cabinetry

You need to know the state of your oak cabinets to perfectly work with them. In this regard, you should be in an ample position to determine their design or style, material quality, finishing option, and ornamentation properties to know the best design materials to incorporate with them.

Your Preferred Interior Design

To work perfectly with oak kitchen cabinets in terms of styling, you must beware of your preferred kitchen interior design. For example, depending on whether you prefer a traditional or modern kitchen interior design, you can know whether rustic or industrial fixtures can work best for your design as accessories.

Final Thoughts

The most prominent types of natural wood kitchen cabinets are oak cupboards. Durable and splendidly functional, oak kitchen cabinets are a must-have cabinetry design for many homeowners. They are now in fashion and are coming out in jaw-dropping styles and undertones. If you want your pantry to be highlighted not only by its beauty but also by practicability importance, simply choose oak cabinets. They never disappoint.