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3 Types Of Natural Stones For Cladding The House

Learn when, how, and where to use these natural stones for cladding. Among the types of natural stone for cladding internal and external areas most used by architects, we can mention:

Well-known for being versatile and highly durable for facades, gardens, and balconies, walls covered with natural stone also took over the interior of houses, being used as cladding for bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. As for the application forms, you can find them in stone columns, entire walls, or with just one strip – even in a decorated niche. All these options expand the personality of the environment and make the room even more exclusive.

However, which are the most suitable natural stones for external and internal cladding for your project? However, to help you, Stone Center created a list with inspirations of the 6 most used types of natural stone for cladding around here. Check out!

Types Of Natural Stones For Cladding In Internal And External Areas

  1. São Tomé Stone

The São Tomé stone is one of the most versatile options on this list of cladding stones. It is often used for pool and barbecue areas. Their versatility lies in the fact that they can be found in different tones and colors (white, yellow, pink, and mixed) and applied in different formats, such as Square; Rectangular; Fillet; Mosaic; Coco, and more.

Below are two application examples. First, the stone is used in a rectangular shape on the floor and stairs in the external area of ​​a residence. In the second image, the same stone is used in fillet format on the inside wall of another house.

In addition to versatility, the stone stands out for its unique beauty, high durability, and strength. It is non-slip and anti-thermal, favoring temperature maintenance in the places where it is applied.

  1. Miracema Stone 

Miracema stone is a classic decoration, especially regarding facades and floors in external areas. However, it has been increasingly common to find projects that use this model to create walls covered with natural stone in internal areas – such as, for example, in the kitchen.

It is a very resistant stone, with a rectangular shape and a shade mixture of gray. The versatility of formats and colors does not prevent the visual impact its use can have in architectural projects – from classic to modern. 

  1. Granite

Granite is also a very traditional and versatile natural stone and can be used for various purposes within a decoration project (countertops and kitchen or bathroom counters, floors, and internal and external wall coverings). It is often used to replace marble when the costs associated with the material are considered too high. Even so, it is very sophisticated, resistant, and, of course, beautiful! When choosing granite for your natural stone wall cladding project, you can count on a wide range of color and pattern options for all home environments. Learn more about What Is Travertine here.