Thursday, May 30

4 Reasons for Building and Roof Waterproofing Failure

Waterproofing failure can be due to a variety of factors. Here are common reasons to check your building and roof for signs of waterproofing failure and repair jobs. 

#1 Higher Level Issues

Rainwater pools on the roof might cause waterproofing issues on higher floor levels. Waterproofing failure can also be due to poor craftsmanship by waterproofing and other contractors in Singapore.

#2 Poor Waterproofing Work

Poor handiwork also includes wrong product specifications. Insufficient substrate preparation can happen before applying the waterproofing membrane. Poor waterproofing work can result in various damages, like roof and wall leakage, which are costly to repair.

#3 Poor Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance in the form of checks and remedial waterproofing enables you to catch problems early and avoid significant issues like concrete cancer. Even tiny leaks and cracks should be dealt with right away as water damage can escalate quicker than expected, leading to severe problems. Professionals also recommend maintaining existing seals on your windows, doors, and wall systems. Taking a proactive approach to maintenance minimises the risk of developing into a significant problem.

#4 Using the Wrong Waterproofing Membrane

A reliable waterproofing specialist in Singapore will choose a comprehensive waterproofing system. It comprises a sheet membrane and ancillaries vital to examine the membrane flexibility and allow building movement. The system also allows the structure to be resistant to UV, chemicals, corrosive sea air, and root penetrations.

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