Tuesday, July 23

4 reasons why Rugs should be considered while revamping your living room

When you think about redecorating your house, you’d often get shocked over the huge price you’d have to pay to paint the walls, change the flooring or maybe even redo the bathroom. However, if you are currently under a budget constraint and still want to remodel your house, upgrading the flooring with carpets is the best way. 

Carpets look not only pleasing but also provide several uses in the house, such as keeping your wooden flooring from getting stained or even soaking up the sound. Runner rugs should be your top priority if you wish to update the flooring of your house without changing the tiles.

Runner rugs are elongated and narrow carpets which you will usually find in the hallway or staircases. For example, if your wooden staircase is prone to making a lot of noise due to heavy foot traffic, you can suppress the sound with runner rugs. The best part about runner rugs is that they make it comfortable to walk over hardwood flooring, especially during the winter. 

Since runner rugs are narrow, they are ideal for smaller places in your house, such as the hallway or the entrance of your home and even the balcony. In addition, these rugs barely take time to set up and will immediately add to the house’s aesthetics. If you are thinking about why rugs are important, let us give you a couple of reasons.

  • Adds warmth: The last thing you want during winter is freezing in your house. Make your abode a sacred space with enough warmth by putting a rug on the hardwood flooring, which can quickly get cold during the chilly months. The soft fabric will give you sufficient insulation instead of a heater while helping you save some bucks on your energy bills.
  • Brightens up the space: If any particular corner in your house is dark such as the hallway in the middle of your home, which connects to different rooms, due to less influx of natural lighting, it can be brightened up with a rug if you are wondering how just lay down a bright coloured carpet there which will automatically light up the space to a certain extent without switching on any lights.
  • Comfortable: Wood and tiles on the flooring can be hard to walk, and you can’t wear footwear in the house all the time. This is why rugs are a perfect solution to make it comfortable to walk on hard surfaces in the place. Your home can quickly be transformed into a luxurious space simply by laying down a nice carpet.
  • Soaks up the sound: If you have kids and pets in the house, you’d be well-versed in the loud noises they are capable of making by stomping their feet while walking. Prevent the annoying foot noises by laying down a rug in your living room, bedroom and even the hallway.

Now that we have given you practical reasons for investing in rugs, quickly get your house one and see your space automatically transform into an aesthetically pleasing one.