Thursday, May 30

5 Tips On What To Avoid When Caring For Your Vinyl Siding

The siding on your home protects the structure of your home from weather and other elements. Since siding is essentially an outside layer of protection, it is important to keep it in good shape. To make sure it lasts more than 25 years, follow these maintenance tips:

1. Install Siding Guards

Avoid extrusions or attachments that can damage siding such as air conditioning units and satellite dishes. For protection, add siding guard railings to prevent damaging items from getting too close to it. With proper guards in place, you can simply adjust them to avoid these issues.

2. Clean Siding

Clean siding thoroughly. Use a stiff brush to wipe it with the proper cleaner for your material, such as stain removers or cleaners. Keeping it clean will prevent stains and dirt from ruining it’s quality.

3. Proper Installation

Avoid siding installation st. charles il near bushes and trees where limbs can rub against it, causing issues. This problem is common in materials such as wood, even vinyl needs siding guards for this reason.

4. Cut Roots Near Siding

Do not plant near siding or root systems can grow under it, making it appear to be cracking. Although cutting off roots does help with this problem, you should consider planting trees farther away from siding for this issue.

5. Check Regularly

Check siding regularly for any severe issues. These problems include cracks, mildewing, water damage, tilting or other issues that can lead to more significant problems down the road. Trim overhanging tree limbs or bushes if the issues continue.