Thursday, June 13

8 Easy Steps to Make Your Dream Tropical Garden

Do you love the idea of a tropical garden, but think it’s too complicated or expensive? Don’t worry! It’s actually easier than you think. In just 8 easy steps, we’ll show you how to make your own tropical paradise right in your backyard.

Find a tropical plant that you love

When choosing a plant, it’s important to find one that you really like. If possible, choose a plant that is native to your area and can thrive in your environment. If you are planting a tropical plant in colder climates or with less-than-ideal soil conditions, make sure it is hardy for your climate before purchasing it.

You may also want to consider how much time and effort will be required for the upkeep of this type of garden; if you’re looking for something low maintenance or semi-evergreen (meaning it retains some green color throughout winter), look into bromeliads such as pineapple plants or air plants like Tillandsia species (commonly known as Spanish moss).

Find a spot in your back or front yard that gets lots of sun

You’ll want to find a spot in your back or front yard that gets lots of sun. This is important because most tropical plants thrive in full sun and need at least six hours each day to grow properly. If it’s too shady, they will not flourish as well and may die from a lack of light.

Look for an area with plenty of water but not too much–watering twice per week should be enough for most tropicals (though some plants need more watering than others).

Make sure the soil drains well so that standing water doesn’t collect around them, which can cause root rot or mold growth on leaves and stems over time. You also want protection from wind and rain–wind will knock over small trees or shrubs while heavy rainstorms may damage large ones when they get heavy enough.

Finally, make sure there aren’t any pests around who might try eating up all those sweet new buds before they have a chance at life! Deer love nibbling on young shoots too – so if possible try keeping them away from areas where these plants grow best by fencing off sections within your yard where nothing else grows besides these beauties.

Choose a container that matches your style.

The first step to creating a tropical garden is choosing the right container. This is important because it will help you make sure that your plant(s) get the right amount of sunlight and water, which can be difficult if you choose an unsuitable container.

If you want to keep things simple, there are many pre-made kits available online or at gardening stores that include everything from soil and seeds to pots and fertilizer. You can also buy individual components separately–but if you go this route, make sure they all match up with each other since they’ll probably come from different suppliers.

Make sure you have enough room for your new plant to grow

Make sure you have enough room for your new plant to grow.

Your tropical garden will not only grow up but also out. The plant will need room to spread its roots and branches, so make sure your container is large enough that it can accommodate this growth without being cramped or too heavy with soil. If you’re planting in soil, go ahead and loosen the top layer of dirt with a fork before adding any more soil around the root ball or container (you don’t want it compressed).

If you want flowers in your tropical garden, be sure there’s plenty of space between each flower cluster so they can bloom freely without being crowded by other plants nearby!

Gather the required tools and materials before planting

Before you begin, make sure you have the following tools and materials:

  •         A trowel for planting seeds and seedlings.
  •         A watering can water your garden regularly.
  •         A hand pruner for pruning dead leaves off plants as needed.

Regular watering

Regular watering with a new retractable garden hose is the most important step in maintaining your garden. Tropical plants are more tolerant of dry soil than many other plants, but they still need water to stay healthy. Water in the morning so the plant can dry off before nightfall, and make sure that the soil drains well so excess water doesn’t pool at its base.

Place the container in its new home before getting started

Before you get started, place the container in its new home. This will ensure that it’s level and there is enough room for your plant to grow. It also helps to know exactly how much sun your garden will receive each day so that you can choose plants that are suited for those conditions.

Add some color with annuals and perennials

Annuals add bright colors to any garden design and are easy to maintain throughout the year. Perennials add more color as well as texture, but they require more maintenance than annuals because they need regular watering and fertilizing throughout the growing season.

Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards making your dream tropical garden a reality. Now that you know what it takes to get started and how much time it will take, you can begin planning your next steps with confidence. Whether it’s finding plants that match your style or deciding where they will go in your yard, we hope these tips have helped get things off on the right foot!