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A Review on Temescal Valley Real Estate 

Temescal Valley, California, has roots in 1818 after Leandro Serrano was sent to explore the area. The main aim was to interact with Temescal’s Valley indigenous people, where he later gained the license to graze cattle on about 34 square miles of land. After decades, squatters started arriving in the area to claim ownership. During the early 20th century, Temescal Valley was renowned for clay mining, which contributed to its development. The city has gained traction as a desirable area for family living and tourist activities. Read on to familiarize yourself with why Temescal Valley real estate is booming and why you should prioritize living here.

High Employment Rates

Temescal Valley ranks high in low unemployment rates, which has led to a more than-average median household income. This has also improved the income per capita stats and boosted the livability conditions of its residents. Additionally, its impressive annual job market increase indicates a thriving economy. You will also find endless opportunities for career development, which is ideal for young professionals in need of buying a home in Temescal Valley.

Easy Commuting 

Temescal Valley has numerous commuting options, like bus routes, rail, uber, and an airport. Such options make traveling easier when going to work or visiting nearby towns and cities. Temescal Valley is also known for being walkable, making it easier to access an array of amenities within the town. Besides, this town has a clean layout, with public services strategically located within the reach of every resident. This also contributes to seamless commuting in the residents’ daily routine activities.

A Supportive and Engaging Community Environment 

Temescal Valley presents a suburban living environment with a hospitable community that is excellent for family raising. In addition, its environment is relatively peaceful, beautiful, and pet-friendly. Its residents are quite welcoming, and the town has exciting community activities like a walking club that bonds people in the area. You will also find acres of preserved spaces that offer numerous outdoor experiences like gyms, studios, saunas, and other recreation activities.

Appealing Property Appreciation Rates

Temescal Valley has a higher median property value than the national average, leading to a high homeownership rate of over 83.7%. Properties in this area sell fast compared to most popular towns and cities in the country. There has also been a high search rate for homes for sale in Temescal Valley, which provides a testament to its appealing property appreciation rates. Whether you are in the real estate business or looking for a home for purchase, Temescal Valley appreciation rates make it a top destination for housing options.

Buying a Home in Temescal Valley with Alton Jones

Temescal is a hot spot for potential homeowners due to its hospitable neighborhood, many commuting options, a suburban lifestyle, and outstanding property appreciation rates. In addition, the area has high employment rates, way above the country’s average. Such factors have made Temescal Valley a prime location for peaceful and productive family raising. Contact Temescal Valley real estate experts The Alton Jones Team for the best home deals and real estate budgets.