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Acoustic Specialists with the Best Choices Now

To acoustically insulate an apartment, such as a house or an office, we usually work on walls, ceiling and floor with the application of special acoustic insulation panels made with sound-absorbing materials, or with the creation of false walls. Let’s see in detail the different interventions that can be performed according to need.

Wall acoustic insulation

The most used method for acoustic insulation of walls is the creation of a counter wall made with insulating materials and plasterboard, or with special “coupled” acoustic insulation panels, which already have the insulating material already combined with the plasterboard. The materials of the sound-absorbing element can be different, from organic to synthetic ones. The acoustic specialists can be sure of these matters.

Acoustic insulation of the floor

It is an intervention that is usually carried out in new buildings, but which in extreme cases can also be carried out in houses already built and inhabited, perhaps taking advantage of a renovation. The acoustic insulation of the floor, in fact, involves the insertion of acoustic mats under the existing floor , made of different materials based on the material of the floor which will then be laid again. The most popular material for this type of operation is usually super-compressed thin cork , which adapts to any type of floor, from ceramic to parquet; In any case, excellent results are also obtained with synthetic material mats closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam.

Sound insulation of the ceiling

The acoustic insulation of the ceiling is usually achieved, like that of the walls, with the creation of a false ceiling inside which acoustic insulation panels made of insulating and sound-absorbing materials are applied .

Given that the acoustic insulation of the ceiling is usually performed due to problems related to the noise caused by footsteps, and that footsteps can also propagate through communicating walls, this intervention is often also accompanied by an acoustic insulation intervention on the internal walls.

  • Sound insulation: materials
  • wall insulation with rock wool

Acoustic insulation with rock wool panels

There are many materials that are used for the acoustic insulation of the walls, the floor and the apartment in general. Let’s see in detail what they are, starting with the three most used.

The three best materials for sound insulation

It is a sound-absorbing material that hinders the propagation of sound waves through two environments thanks to the absorption of the kinetic energy of sound waves, in particular those caused by impact noises , which often propagate even at great distances and not only in adjacent structures. It is the ideal material for environments where we spend most of our time, and for the acoustic insulation of both the perimeter walls and the ceiling. What’s more, in addition to soundproofing the apartment, rock wool is also ideal for thermal insulation.