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An Analysis of Services Currently Available by JP Hogan

When sawing concrete, there are a variety of concrete cutting services that can be used. The needs of the project will determine what kind of cut is necessary and how it should be made. For example, angle sawing is typically used for exposed aggregate finishes, but curb sawing is great for cutting around existing curbs and sidewalks. Both types of sawing are used in the construction industry. Both of these sawing techniques are frequently used in the building and construction industries.

If you want professional, individualized concrete cutting services, there is only one company you need to call: JP Hogan. Our highly qualified staff members have access to the most modern, cutting-edge techniques and tools, which empowers them to successfully complete any assignment, from simple home improvements to challenging commercial building projects. Our company provides several different cutting options, such as wire sawing, wall sawing, and road sawing. This enables us to choose the cutting style that best suits your unique needs. You can rely on JP Hogan to do the work to your satisfaction, whether you need substantial asphalt repairs or merely a few little house upgrades. Contact us right now to find out more about the concrete cutting services we offer and to find out why experts from a variety of fields and businesses want to work with us.


The angle sawing method, also known as slope cutting, has several advantages for the construction of concrete surfaces, especially highways. In order to cut through the surface of the concrete with this process, a blade that has been somewhat orientated is needed. In addition to creating an aesthetically pleasing exposed aggregate finish, this can aid in reducing the top layer’s overall thickness. Because of this, it is a particularly effective way to cut vertical surfaces without affecting the structural integrity of the concrete. Additionally, the angle sawing technique enables the simultaneous use of both sides of the blade, enabling the cutting operation to be completed more quickly than would be possible with any of the alternative techniques. Therefore, the method in question is a terrific option to take into account when it comes to producing slick and useful concrete surfaces, such as motorways.


Flatwork is a sort of saw used to make accurate and tidy cuts in a variety of hard surfaces, such as curbs and sidewalks made of concrete. The technique is known as “curb sawing.” Using a curb saw to cut through materials like concrete or asphalt doesn’t damage the surface it is cutting through because the tool was built specifically for this purpose. When a clean, continuous line or connection needs to be made on an existing surface, contractors and builders employ these cutting tools. They are ideal for this use because of how precisely they operate.

Chainsaw or Hand Saw

During a construction project or work needing road maintenance, it’s likely that you’ll come across circumstances where you’ll need to cut through solid asphalt or concrete. In situations like this, a chainsaw is typically the perfect instrument for the job. Chainsaws can be operated manually or with a power source that is connected to them, and they can be used for a range of tasks. For precision sawing jobs like removing door hinges or cutting straight lines in rebar, these tools may also be used. This multipurpose equipment will assist you in performing the operation swiftly and precisely regardless of the power source you decide to use to drive the chainsaw, whether it be manually, with electricity, fuel, or hydraulic power. Therefore, if you need to make precise cuts in limited locations, grab your chainsaw and get to work.

Road Sawing

Cutting a road is a difficult process that needs the participation of people with high levels of talent and expertise. When pursuing this approach, specialist tools must be employed in order to make clean cuts in asphalt or concrete road surfaces, as well as other outside constructions like bridges and runways. Due to the size of the area that needs to be covered, road sawing is a task that can only be carried out by qualified professionals who have the requisite training and education. Road sawing also requires a lot of attention to detail because it must be done quickly while producing perfect cuts. In general, maintaining roads and other large outdoor surfaces like parking lots and sports fields requires the use of road saws. This is because road sawing keeps the areas’ structural integrity intact while also keeping them safe for vehicles and other kinds of users.

Cutting Wires Using a Saw

Wire sawing is a very effective technique for slicing through large reinforced concrete buildings. JP Hogan is able to make cuts that are precise and accurate quickly and effectively because of the use of cutting equipment that is at the cutting edge of technology and its distinctive diamond-impregnated segments. Whether they are operating on land or in the water, our crew is capable of handling a wide range of applications, including the demolition of concrete structures like piers, towers, bridges, and other bridges and structures. If you hire the team of trained experts, we have put together specifically for you; you can be confident that your next wire sawing project will be finished on time and to the highest standards.

Heavy-Duty Construction Applications

Wall sawing has swiftly risen to the top of the list of the most often used equipment in construction and demolition work due to its capacity to make precise cuts, particularly on solid concrete surfaces. This is a significant factor in its rising popularity. This kind of deep cutting commonly referred to as “track sawing,” requires the employment of a circular blade mounted on a sophisticated track system. The blade is capable of cutting through massive concrete walls, columns, and beams with efficiency and accuracy thanks to the track system’s ability to travel quickly and smoothly along a predetermined route. One use for wall sawing is to create holes in concrete structures to remove old structural components. These programs’ unmatched accuracy makes them perfect for wall sawing.

Concrete cutting services can be tailored to match the requirements of any specific project because there are so many options available. Whether you need road sawing for huge outdoor areas or angle sawing for an exposed aggregate finish, JP Hogan’s cutting techniques will work effectively. Road sawing works well on broad outside areas. An angle saw is best for finishing exposed aggregate. When looking for a concrete-cutting service, it is crucial to take into account the kind of project you are working on as well as the type of cut that will be most suitable for your purposes. This is because there are many different types of cuts that may be made in concrete.

Expert Concrete Cutting Services from JP Hogan.

JP Hogan is a business that consistently provides excellent concrete cutting services. Our highly qualified personnel has access to cutting-edge technologies and techniques, enabling them to successfully complete even the most difficult tasks. We are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully complete any project, whether it involves building a bridge, a public road, or any other form of construction work you may require.

The concrete cutting services that we provide are accompanied by cutting-edge equipment and incredibly precise procedures. This enables us to provide accurate information while causing the neighborhood as little interruption as possible. We provide a range of cutting methods, such as wire sawing, wall sawing, and road sawing, so you can be certain to discover a solution that is appropriate for your particular requirements and objectives.

Look no further than JP Hogan if you want reliable concrete cutting services that will exceed your expectations. Visit our website right away at to find out more about our extensive list of capabilities and the reasons why we are the most well-liked choice in this market area!