Thursday, May 30

Backsplash Trends of 2022

With kitchens becoming more dynamic as time goes by, more and more homeowners in California are seeing the importance of a good kitchen design. An excellent kitchen design will make various processes around the kitchen more efficient, allowing residents to maximize their time when conducting activities. Furthermore, it can also improve the kitchen’s functionality and let occupants have more storage options in the kitchen. 

To achieve a good kitchen design, numerous homeowners invest in kitchen remodeling companies in Newport Beach. This helps them look for layouts and designs that cater to the residents’ needs. A remodeled house can help occupants make various activities much easier to handle and significantly improve the kitchen’s aesthetics. 

However, getting the help of kitchen remodeling companies in Rancho Palos Verdes does not only help individuals realize their dream kitchens. It can also help people discover new things they can try in their kitchens. Whether for visuals or to protect kitchen components, partnering with experts can be a game changer for homeowners in the long run. 

One such thing that anyone can use in their new kitchen is a backsplash, becoming one of the most vital kitchen accessories anyone can have. This is usually considered the vertical expansion of the countertop. It can be installed just a few inches or as high as the ceiling. Its primary purpose is to protect the wall, especially those made of wood, from inadvertent splashing that typically leads to damage. 

Even if the backsplash is mainly used to protect the kitchen walls from deterioration, it can also influence the kitchen’s atmosphere. Backsplash comes in many details, colors, and styles, and looking for the perfect backsplash can help boost the room’s aesthetics. One of the trendy styles that many opt to have been backsplashes with the herringbone pattern. This is ideal for those looking to add movement to their backsplash and enhance the effect of using neutral colors in the kitchen. 

To learn more about the backsplash trends in 2022, check this infographic by Mr. Cabinet Care. 

Backsplash Trends of 2022