Saturday, May 25

Best Traditional Design Ideas For Smaller Kitchens

With the profound changes in the kitchen remodeling industry, many homeowners still prefer the “old is gold” trend. 

Without spending too much, a traditional kitchen motif is achievable even in small kitchen spaces, and here are some traditional designs you might want to consider with the help of kitchen remodeling companies in Long Beach.

The Open Layout

Open floor plans are advisable, especially with kitchens with small spaces. It saves up a lot of space when boundaries between the kitchen and the living room (for example) are removed to allow a natural flow of air and homeowner activities.

The U-Shaped Floor
If the open concept does not sound like a good idea, the U-shaped floor might be. This is a kitchen concept that lines up the kitchen units in three connected walls that create a U-shape allowing for easier access to different kitchen workstations.

The Floor-to-Ceiling Storage

Kitchen remodeling companies in Pasadena usually combine lower and upper cabinets that touch the floor extending to the ceiling. Investing in this kitchen concept, homeowners’ free up space because of its huge storage capability.

Cabinet Refacing or Repainting

The easiest customization of your kitchen can be by refacing or repainting some of your cabinets. Refacing is about replacing parts of your cabinet that may be defective or just not your type, while repainting is simply revamping your cupboards’ aesthetics by changing their color.

Classical Decors

Decorations may be of minor detail but are the defining feature of kitchen designing. Include flower vases, pots, china plates, or baskets to give life to the traditional kitchen design.

To learn more about traditional kitchen ideas, take a look at this infographic.
small kitchen ideas - infographic