Thursday, May 30

Different Ways to Remove Towel Racks from Wall Safely

A towel bar is an essential organizer in a bathroom, but it may fall out, or you may decide to change it. Suppose your towel bar is detached from the wall. It’s essential to fix it. If you upgrade an existing towel bar, you should do so safely. 

After installation, a towel bar appears glued to the wall, but bolts are underneath. Some of these details are invisible in homes for sale halesowen, and you may only know about them when upgrading or fixing them. 

How to Remove Towel Rack from the Wall 

A towel rack is fixed to the wall by screws on the underside. Look for them to determine the tool you’ll use for unscrewing. Begin to unscrew from one end, then move to the other. Here’s the detailed procedure. 

Find the Setscrew

Towel racks are fixed to the wall by hex or Phillips screws. They are removable using a 1/8-inch hex key and Phillips screwdriver, respectively. Unscrew one end till it releases from the wall bracket. Go for the other side while holding the towel rack to avoid falling. Remove the second, then the brackets.

Patch the Holes

Once everything is off the wall, patch the holes in the drywall. You can use several home supplies like toothpaste. But a joint drywall compound is the right way to repair it. Use a puffy knife to scoop the mixture, push it into the holes, scrape off the excess, and leave it to dry. Once dry, sand the area to smoothen the surface, then apply paint to make the wall uniform.

Patching Tile Walls

It’s more complex to patch tile walls. You need a hard, glossy compound that resembles the ceramic in your house. The houses for sale in stourbridge area are modern and may have tiled walls. Therefore, you can use any two-part epoxy resin that matches your tiles. If you can’t find a matching color for your tiles, touch up the area with enamel paint.

How to Remove a Glued-On Towel Rack

Removing a glued towel rack is much easier since you break through the glue bond. Hold the frame to avoid falling off once it comes off the wall. You can use an oscillating tool, a putty knife, and a hammer. The latter will leave minimal damage to the wall and is also safe. 

With the help of a utility knife, cut through the caulk between the post and the wall, then tap it at the rear of the bar to detach it. Some of these fixes are DIY. Your estate agent halesowen, will not provide you with this information. If you feel it’s too complicated, get a professional to get the job done.

How to Keep the Towel Rack Fixed on the Wall

Towel racks become loose because they weren’t fastened properly. The anchors with towel bars are small and weak enough to hold the frame firmly to the wall. So, using these anchors to fix the towel bar means it will get loose or fall off easily. Fix the problem with sturdy anchors to prevent the inconvenience of falling off, coming loose, or scarring the wall. Remove the flexible end posts using a hex wrench.

The Bottom Line 

A real estate agent will help you purchase your property of choice. However, they won’t detail the different ways to maintain the excellent condition of your home. Once the property is yours, the burden lies in your hands. Some house repairs are easy to perform with DIY videos, but others need a professional to fix them.