Tuesday, July 23

Does Waterproofing Basement Add Value to Your Home

If you are planning to list your property for sale, it would help to invest in basement waterproofing if you have a basement in your home, especially if it is below the foundation level. Of course, there are several home improvements projects you can invest in to add value to your home. However, leaving your basement in a poor state will undermine your investment and effort.

basement waterproofing overland park ks is unarguably one of the best ways to increase your property value. It offers a higher return on investment and increases the satisfaction of potential homebuyers. To establish the fact that basement waterproofing is the way to go when planning to sell your home, read the following valid points below:

1. Strengthens the Home’s Foundation

The foundation of a home needs to be free from excessive moisture to be as strong as possible. When the basement is wet and the earth around the foundation is moist, the foundation will be more vulnerable to damage than ever. Meanwhile, when you waterproof the basement, you will protect the foundation against flooding and excessive moisture that can weaken it. This wi strengthen the foundation of the property. 

When the basement is sealed perfectly and a good sump pump is installed, the foundation will be stronger, and less likely to crack or shift, regardless of the weather. 

2. Increases the Living Space

Basement waterproofing makes the basement area livable. You can increase the living space in the home by making the basement dry and best suited for living, such as a bedroom, family living room, entertainment area, and lots more. You can also convert the basement area to a store, allowing you to keep away stuff that may be taking up much space in the house. Additional living space adds more value to a property.

3. Enhances Aesthetic Appeal

Basement waterproofing ensures that the basement is properly taken care of. All cracks and holes will be sealed. There will not be paint peelings and the basement will be dry. This will improve the aesthetics of the property. Potential homebuyers like to see a dry and well-finished basement. A waterproofed basement will unarguably increase the value of the property.

4. Increases Energy Efficiency

Basement waterproofing increases the energy efficiency of a home. The basement will not be moist, leaky or drafts. As a result, the area will require little heating or cooling, saving on energy. This will undoubtedly increase the value of the property. 

5. Prevents Health Problems

Basement waterproofing keeps the basement dry and free from insect infestation. Besides, the basement will be free from excess moisture that will be the breeding ground for mould and some bacteria and viruses that can constitute health hazards. 


From the above, waterproofing your basement will add more value to your property. Homebuyers are usually attracted to homes with waterproofed basements due to the diverse benefits and values discussed.