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How many types of cultural area rugs?

There different types of cultural area rugs. Area rugs ensure the beauty and attraction of any home where they are placed. They are beautiful pieces of art with glorious and tremendous colors and patterns. They are available in different sizes and you can get them easily according to the size of the room or according to the size of any area. They enhance the glory of the interior with their tremendous textures and appearance. They increase the luxurious look of the home with their extremely versatile styles. You can also decorate your home in a creative way with them because you can customize these rugs according to the decoration and style of the home. They are very durable and soft which fulfill the value of money. They are very easy to clean as compared to big heavy carpets and they just required a regular vacuuming.

Types of area rugs

There are different types of cultural area rugs but we are going to describe you some important types

  • Turkish rug

Turkish rug is a traditional and artistic rug which has its own class and style. Their designs and patterns are completely different from one another. It is not easy to purchase Turkish area rugs because their many copies are available in the market. You must get the help of experts to buy them but this rug will create a bold statement.

  • Persian rug

A Persian rug is well known all over the world because of the awesome artwork. The specialty of this rug is that they can be placed in any room and that room looks more eye-catching with this rug. Persian rugs are available in three types of materials which are wool, silk, and cotton. All types are high in demand.

  • Chinese rug

Chinese rug is a very graceful and mind-blowing rug due to its highly considerable designs and patterns. The designs include bats, dragons, and different Chinese symbols. This rug is a beautiful piece of Chinese culture. This rug is usually made up of silk which is very durable and long-lasting.

  • Tibetan rug
    Tibetan rug gives an antiquity touch to the home with traditional and authentic designs. Its beautiful geometric patterns enhance the glory and sharpness of the room. Tibetan rug is also available in modern and new designs. If you want a modern look at the home then you can get this rug in a new style.