Tuesday, July 23

How much it cost to put a new roof on top?

The roof is a crucial in every house or property. This is also the region of the building which is most susceptible to damage from elements of weather. Maintaining your roof in sound aesthetic and structural order is essential because if your roof starts to develop damaged over time, the cost of repair and roofing can be very expensive, stressful as well as time-consuming.

If a tile falls off from the rooftop, you can expect to pay anything between €70 to €200 to get it replaced and have the replacement tile fitted in. If you are putting in a new hip roof, it may cost you anything between €4250 to €7250, depending on whether you opt for one or two valleys on the rooftop. Finally, if you opt for a new gable roof, you will have to pay around €3250 to €5250.

There are times when the repair or restoration work is not enough to prevent the serious damage that has already occurred in the roof. In such circumstances, you have to go for a full roof replacement. This is the best possible solution to address the underlying issue that you are facing. Here are a few signs indicating that your roof needs to be replaced.

Water damage

If you start to see the signs of staining on interior walls as well as the ceilings, your house is experiencing water damage due to a leak on the rooftop. This water leak can cause the formation of moulds and patches throughout the house, all the way to bowed and sagging woodwork.


If you haven’t carried out any kind of repair work or replaced the roof in a period of 25 years, you will need a roof inspection to determine if any action needs to be undertaken to prevent any potential leakage.

Missing slates or roof tiles

If you notice that your tiles or slates are falling off from the roof after heavy rainfall, the roof is in need of replacement.

Presence of tiles in the gutter

Have a close look at your roof. If it looks inconsistently dark in colour, it is a sign that the tiles are wearing out.

Daylight seepage in attic

If you notice any daylight seeping into your attic through the roof, it is an indication that the roof needs to be replaced.

Having a roof replaced or getting a new roof put up is not only expensive but also very time-consuming. However, you should remember that in some cases, if you opt to hire a roofing contractor to put the new roof or replace your existing roof, it can actually be less heavy on your pocket than conducting multiple small repair jobs over a period of several years. If you are thinking of getting your roof replaced, check out LitCore. They are experts at all things roof-related. They will provide you with a roof covering which will be firm, reliable, presentable, cost-efficient and easy to maintain.