Tuesday, July 23

How To Find The Right Team For Fitting Sash Windows

Timber sash windows are such an integral part of the character of a period property. If you are in the midst of the planning phase of a renovation project and need to source a team to supply and provide the fitting of sash windows, it is important to do so as early as possible in that process. The earlier you can get an experienced supplier of sash windows on board with your project, the better your chances are of ending the project with an aesthetic that meets the original brief and that does so well within the timeframe envisaged and the budgets outlined.

A good supplier and fitting team for sash windows will provide expert guidance and advice for your property renovation project.

What are sash windows?

A sash window is a window that doesn’t open on a hinge. The traditional sash window is a sliding window that is made up of two sashes that slide up and down or side to side. They are placed in vertical grooves, one sat in front of the other and counterbalanced by weights on cords. Although traditional timber sash windows are not designed to tilt outwards, some modern sash window designs have incorporated this as an option. You’ll notice a difference in the number of smaller windowpanes held together by the bars on a slash window depending on which period the property was built. 

What are the benefits of sash windows?

Sash windows look fantastic – There is something really special about timber sash windows on any property, but especially as part of a renovation of a period property. Sash windows provide an elegant and charming viewpoint on a beautiful façade. The craftsmanship and style associated with sash windows is truly something to behold, and when sash windows are fitted well, they provide a stability and robustness that lasts for a very long time.

Sash windows for conservation areas – For those property developers working in conservation areas and with listed buildings in particular, timber sash windows and traditional methods and techniques for fitting sash windows make a massive difference to the acceptability of property renovation plans. In some cases, this might mean a sash window repair service being utilised, or a replacement sash window service that manufactures the frames using original materials.

Increased ventilation and energy efficiency – The sliding panes of a sash window provide an easy and efficient way to increase ventilation in any property. The two sliding sashes open at the top and bottom allow you to easily create a fresh flow of air throughout the property in the summer months. Double glazed timber sash windows can also be installed, using sustainable materials that keep noise and heat in when the windows are closed, improving the energy efficiency rating of the property and cutting bills.

Fitting sash windows correctly is just as important as sourcing the finest timber sash windows to use on your project. Sash windows are a typical and important feature when it comes to properties from the Georgian through Victorian properties. With the right team helping you find the correct timber sash windows for the property being renovated and the right team to fit sash windows, you’ll be in the best position to hit all of your targets and install the windows to complement the rest of the renovation project with efficient materials.It will stand the test of time and make the property more sustainable and energy conscious over the coming years as well as looking fantastic.