Saturday, June 22

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your Arlington Home

You may have come across silverfish insects while taking out your old clothes or books. These tiny creepy crawlers seek shelter in old crevices and dusty places. They feed on your books, clothes, and wallpapers and ruin them. According to a report, these insects rest in cracks, crevices, and nooks in the daytime and come out at night to destroy your old books and clothing. 

If you are noticing something similar in your house, it is a sign that you have a silverfish infestation in your home. One of the most effective ways to get rid of these creepy crawlies is to keep your house clean.  Do you have any questions about Pest Control in Corinth? Connect with the best ones to exterminate the silverfish infestation once and for all. 

Tips for getting rid of starfish in your home

Follow these methods to prevent starfish in your house. 

  • Seal up food. 

You will not want these squirming insects to swim in your meal while pouring out a bowl of your favorite cereal. Since these pests are attracted to dry foods like pasta, flour, sugar, rice, and so on, it is greatly recommended to seal these items properly to avoid these pests from feeding on them. 

  • Create your own silverfish traps. 

Starchy food items are silverfish’s favorite meal. They can go to great lengths to seek them out. You must take preventive measures before they invade your food and infect them. The good news is that you can perform a home experiment to trap these creepy crawlers. 

Start by putting some cereal, flour, or pet food in a glass container. Wrap the outside part with tape and leave the top open. The silverfish can easily climb up the jar due to the texture provided by the tape but will not be able to come outside because of the smooth glass surface. 

  • Reduce humidity. 

Silverfish best thrive in warm and humid areas. Make sure areas that are mostly affected by humidity, like bathrooms, are well-ventilated. You can use a dehumidifier in your basement area. As soon as you notice any leakage in your pipes, fix it immediately. 

Also, look for cracks and crevices in your homes, as these are the areas in your homes that provide favorable conditions for silverfish insects to survive. 

  • Clear clutter. 

Silverfish love feasting upon and hiding in old books, papers, and magazines. If you are storing bunches of newspapers and magazines in your house, you should consider clearing some of them out. Throw off items that you have not even looked at for ages, especially those that are kept in your basement or attic. 

  • Use cedar oil. 

Cedar oil is one of the most essential and effective oils used to get rid of silverfish insects. It is affordable and safe to use. It is an effective pest killer for crawlers such as silverfish, carpet beetles, and clothes moths. Mix the cedar oil in warm water and spray it on problematic areas or where you find starfish activity. 

Following these tips can reduce the chances of silverfish destroying your items and invading your home. However, they are not fool-proof. Get professional pest control today.