Thursday, June 13

How To Spot A Professional Building Inspector

With the help of technology, it is easy nowadays to hire someone to do a certain job as long as they have experience and are knowledgeable about it. But it is entirely a different story when it comes to hiring building inspectors as it needs to have solid experiences in the industry to make a thorough visual examination. As a buyer of real estate, you cannot just simply entrust your money to an amateur building inspector who does not have the keen eyes in spotting building issues that will become potential expenses in the future.

The Essence of a Building Inspector

A building inspection is a necessity in real estate transactions as ituncovers structural issues hiding beneath the renovations. In Australia, it has become a mandatory step to avoid conflicts of interest between the buyers and sellers. It also protects first-time buyers from the negligence of property sellers. For this reason, some sellers do not welcome the building inspectors, especially those who are experts in the field, because they can expose the underlying problems that eventually reduce the selling price of a building. An effective building inspection can only be done by a professional building inspector who has an in-depth knowledge about home systems and the skill to identify existing and potential problems at hand. This kind of skill and speed in inspection takes years to build and would require hands-on experience.

5 Must-have Skills of a Professional Building Inspector

Since the employment industry can just hire amateurs to do building inspections, how will you be able to distinguish a professional building inspector from them? Below shows the 5 must-have skills of professional building inspectors.

  • They have immense technical knowledge about the systems and components of a home.
  • They know how to identify potential problems on each system and component of a building and can provide an immediate solution along with alternatives that fit your budget. 
  • They can differentiate between an old home and a new one even those that undergo extensive renovations to conceal defects.
  • They can establish rapport with the customers and can share their knowledge and findings with clarity.
  • They are members of renowned building inspection companies.
  • They have excellent feedbacks from their previous clients and have garnered patrons.
  • They provide a high-quality document which showcases all their findings with pictures and possible actions needed to be done by both parties to seal the deal. This document will be used in weighing the worthiness of a property and negotiate its market price.

Always remember that your safety is your primary priority in buying real estate. Hence, only hire a professional building inspector. 

What to Ask from a Building Inspector

Before availing any building inspection services, you must inquire the following from your building inspector to check if the service is worth its price.

  • Inspector’s name and his/her field of expertise as well as experiences.
  • Inspection process
  • Schedule of inspection and its duration
  • Time-frame of the issuance of the report
  • The modes of issuing the report: email or delivery.
  • Cost of inspection
  • The necessity of your physical presence during the examination.

Therefore, do not hesitate in asking these matters because it will significantly save your time and money.