Monday, July 22

HVAC Provides the Optimal Temperature

Regular maintenance is required to extend the life span and efficiency of capital assets. Inoperative equipment leads to customer dissatisfaction coupled with the loss of capital and time. Since every commercial and property has a unique need, the service provider offers customized, cost-effective solutions for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) solutions that increase its life span and efficiency. An optimal HVAC provides the optimal temperature for summer and winter. Proper maintenance and ultimate replacement are required if the unit is not operating at its fullest efficiency. If you are living in a rented space with a HAVC unit, you may not bother about it. Contrary if you own the property and HVAC unit, service and maintenance are your responsibility.

Small investment

With a small investment, you can ensure optimal performance of HAVC, clean air, and enhanced coziness of the space. Preventive maintenance reduces the possibility of abrupt breakdown, reduce energy bill, extend life span and validate the warranty period. Regular maintenance diminishes breakdown likelihood by 95%. When the equipment runs at an optimal level, energy consumption reduces by 30%, as per data published by the US Department of Energy. Moreover, standard protection measures prolong the durability of the equipment, and you need not spend the princely amount on untimely installation. For disbursement of HVAC repair claims, manufacturers ask warranty validity. If you provide an applicable warranty, you save huge bucks.

Airborne pollutants 

As per an EPA report, indoor air pollutants can be two to five times higher in extreme cases, a hundred times more than outdoor levels. The situation aggravates if one of your family members suffers from a respiratory ailment. The spectrum of airborne pollutants is wide-ranging from molds, dust mites, pollen, and cigarette fume. A musty smell indicates mold concentration, and the air ducts need to be professionally cleaned. A sterile air vent ensures the free flow of clean hot or cold air in rooms.

Professionally qualified 

HVAC repair technicians are professionally qualified to supervise every aspect of HVAC, from installation, maintenance, and repair. Proper installation of an HVAC unit is crucial to avert future problems and costly repair. They can provide you with the right advice about the HVAC equipment taking into consideration of your need and the size of the space where the unit is scheduled to be installed. The technician checks the thermostats that stipulate the flow of cool or warm air from the HVAC. They clean the dirt from the air filter to ensure cool air is emitted from the air conditioner. The congested air filter prevents the free flow of air.


Make sure HVAC technicians visit your place each spring and fall. They replace the filter after every thirty to ninety days, which ensures optimal performance of the machine throughout the year. A clogged filter means more energy bills as the HVAC has to perform at peak to provide the desired temperature. They clear any debris accumulated around the HVAC unit and make sure that there are at least two feet of clearance from air conditioning or HVAC equipment. They check the refrigerant stripe for any damage, leak, or disconnect and ensure it works properly.