Thursday, June 13

Ipe Wood Decking: Durable And Aesthetic Appeal

The Ipe wood has been in demand lately because of its beautiful wood pattern, making it aesthetically appealing. The wood pattern of Ipe creates an aesthetic look, added with the rich brown color, making the ipe wood decking Florida products best-selling and used by many residential and commercial buildings.

Longevity of Ipe wood decking

The first metric to determine the durability of Ipe is its long lifespan. The Ipe wood lasts for up to 75 years when properly treated. There are most top-quality hardwoods that last for 25-30 years lifespan, which is considered excellent. The life expectancy of Ipe wood is more than double that of most other tropical hardwoods.

What makes Ipe wood more impressive is being low-maintenance hardwood, thanks to its other qualities that never require constant treatment to protect from the elements. The yearly treatment with sealant is needed to keep Ipe wood at its best. The oil helps preserve the wood grain and color.

Harness of Ipe wood

Ipe’s longevity is a part of the facts about the wood. It is extremely hard to make it stand out from any other woods. The industry standard to measure the hardness of the wood is the Janka hardness scale. The scale measures the force required to embed the steel ball halfway to the wooden board.

On the Janka hardness scale, the average score is around 1290 pounds of force, and Ipe rates 3684 pounds. Indeed, among the commercial hardwoods, Ipe is within the top three. If you want a sense of luxury, but not that extravagant considering its hardness, go for the Ipe woods. It doesn’t only ensure that your building is appealing, but makes your expenses worthy.

Is Ipe wood decking moisture-resistant?

Indeed, Ipe wood lasts long, which means it has natural moisture resistance. Ipe wood that is properly harvested and treated is a greatly naturally resisting water. It can protect from splintering and erosion, including mildew and mold development. Moisture-resistant is an important factor when it comes to Ipe decking.

Decks are exposed to the elements the whole year. So, protecting them from snow and rain is critically essential. A lot of commercial products are available to keep wooden decks from the elements. However, with Ipe, the lumber does most of the work for you. It is done at the end of the summer season.

Many contractors and architects love Ipe Woods because of its very eye-catching elegant pattern.