Tuesday, July 23

Moving to Massachusetts: 5 Exciting Places to Visit and Things to Do in Scituate as a New Homeowner

Located on the South Shore, the coastal town of Scituate is a vibrant and exciting community to set down roots. Enjoy delicious seafood after sightseeing and fishing at the harbor, grab a drink at a local winery, and enjoy some art and music downtown. Scituate also boasts a long and rich history perfectly reflected in its museums and centuries-old structures and houses. If you are planning on relocating to Scituate, plan to enjoy these things to do in Scituate as a welcome to the community.

 Shop and Stroll Around Scituate Harbor

There is no better way to take in the sights of Scituate than through a trip to the harbor. Plan to punctuate your home search with Scituate MA real estate professional Benjamin Lincoln with a foray into this award-winning town center that has since been designated a Cultural District. Charming old storefronts, maritime businesses, shops, restaurants, and other amenities make this quaint seaside village a must-visit. You should also be able to enjoy stunning views of the harbor.

 Step Back into History at the Scituate Lighthouse

Located north of the Harbor at Cedar Point, the Scituate Lighthouse is a historical monument with a rich and intriguing background. Completed in 1810, it was the 11th lighthouse to be built in the country. It was the location of the historic Lighthouse Army of Two events when Abigail and Rebecca Bates averted a British attack by tricking the soldiers into thinking they were a whole militia. You can visit the lighthouse on open house days.

 Enjoy Natural Beauty at Driftway Park

Driftway Park is an excellent place to commune with nature and experience Scituate’s natural beauty. Containing over 330 acres of salt marsh, this park is home to many migratory birds, Herring River, where you can paddle, and Lookout Hill, where you can enjoy the sights of Scituate.  

 Enjoy Delicious Seafood at Popular Local Spots

No day in Scituate is complete without a taste of the coastal cuisine the town is famous for. You can look forward to fresh, world-class seafood in some of Massachusetts’s most welcoming and chic locations. Popular hotspots include Oro, Satsuit Tavern, and Mill Wharf, and popular dishes include fried scallops, crab cakes, lobster stew, baked haddock, lobster rolls, and clam chowder.

 Quench Your Thirst at Untold Brewing

After a long day of exploring the town, head to Untold Brewing and enjoy a local brew. Untold Brewing is a craft brewery that opened in 2017 and sells four staples – East by Northwest (West Coast IPA, Pale 143 (American Pale Ale), Sunny Sea (Hazy IPA), and Seatown Lager – and other specialty bears. It features a unique taproom and hosts charitable events and public celebrations in what was a schoolhouse in 1852.

 Explore More of Scituate with Benjamin Lincoln

Scituate’s many sights and scenes make it an exciting place to call home. Whether you are moving here alone or with family, your weekends, evenings, and vacation days are set to be filled with excitement. If you are still looking for a home, contact Benjamin Lincoln & Associates to start looking at homes for sale in Scituate. Benjamin will guide you to the perfect home.