Thursday, June 13

Nan Inc. – Construction at its Best

One of the construction companies that has managed to achieve success rapidly in the construction industry of Hawaii is none other than Nan Inc. Having its offices in Honolulu, Hawaii, the company was single-handedly established by a man hailing from South Korea, Patrick Shin. He had been named Nan Chul Shin and had moved to the United States to fulfill his dream and changed his name to fit in with the new culture. It was in 1990 that he established Nan Inc. in Hawaii, which makes the company a relatively young one and yet, it has managed to earn a strong reputation during this time.

They have completed more than 3,000 construction projects and have done an excellent job due to which they have received various awards. Nan Inc. specializes in design-build, preconstruction and general construction and they have delivered in every area, allowing them to become one of the leading construction companies in the state of Hawaii. The man to be credited with the success of the company is none other than founder of Nan-Inc. owner, Patrick Shin. When he launched the firm, he only had one laborer alongside him and no one else.

Of course, there were plenty of challenges and Nan Inc. initially had very small projects, but Patrick Shin didn’t shy away from taking them on because he was committed to making a name for his company in the construction industry. He didn’t turn down small projects and his efforts paid off because within three decades, his company has become one of the most renowned names in the Hawaiian construction industry and their workforce has expanded to include more than 500 employees. Over the years, they have developed a capable and reliable team, a great deal of expertise and a wealth of resources.

Nan Inc. has also made a huge contribution to the development and advancement that has taken place in Hawaii in the last 30 years. It was Patrick Shin’s dream to do so and in order to accomplish it, they took on some of the biggest and most complex construction projects in the state. They have worked with the local and federal government and also taken on a number of construction projects for the private and commercial sector. They deal with multimillion dollar projects simultaneously and have managed to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction due to their dedication and expertise in different areas of construction.