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See Tips and Recommendations for Hiring A Painting Companies: New Buildings and Inhabited

The big difference between the inhabited development and the one still under construction is precisely the residents. “In the first case, we must pay extra attention to the human factor. To avoid problems, certain precautions are essential, such as covering vehicles with an appropriate protective cover or removing cars from the location, asking residents to close windows during periods when professionals will be working, and restricting the use of swimming pools and sports courts.

Another tip is for the garden. If covered by regular plastic tarpaulin, it can burn the vegetation. The idea is to use some specific fabric or blankets”, highlights Mendes, detailing that the painting process is organized according to life in the condominium. “Warning banners, access limitations, and alternate exits while running the job are recommended. The building that is under construction requires less strict care. For example, cleaning requirements are lower as floors are generally not laid.

Sometimes, the painting company enters the Jobsite and finds the execution of the work delayed. As the coating is among the final steps, the delivery pressure is critical. In such cases, some construction companies adopt certain questionable attitudes. “We were working simultaneously as they lifted the guardrails from the balconies. The structures scraped on the facade that had already received the paint, forcing a new application.


Professionals on website undergo annual training. A battery of medical exams is also needed to check for health problems that make them unfit. The standards also require using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as helmets and goggles.

The car seats must always be approved and present a plate with the data of the Ministry of Labor. “It is important to remember that those made from wood are irregular and quite dangerous,” warns Mendes. The equipment must have a seat belt and a fall arrest lever to be activated in an accident. There are suitable ropes, such as fireman’s ropes, which support up to two tons and come in pairs, one being a safety rope.


The tools for the work by Painting Contractor Near Haleiwa, HI for example are varied, and the choice depends on the type of painting. There is a specific roller for texture and another used in painting, in addition to spatulas, trowels, and wire brushes. “The worker does not go up with a whole can because of the weight. The calculation is made for the paint to last the entire period that the professional will be in height. If necessary, the team on the ground can replenish it. Recently, the market has launched a novelty that eliminates the need for the painter to go down the cans. “The equipment is similar to petrol pumps. The professional pulls the trigger, and the ink travels through the hose to automatically feed the roller. Thus, it is not necessary to keep repeating the movement of wetting it in the packages, promoting greater cleaning with the minimization of splashes and accelerating the work.

Post-Work And Warranties

The Consumer Defense Code determines that the work guarantee is five years. Service providers recommend periodic washing of the facade to maintain the visual appearance for long periods. “When the painting is finished, the workers clean the condominium; after all, there are always splashes even with all the care. So, cleaning the drip trays, frames, glass, and floors are necessary.