Monday, July 22

Smart curtains features

One of the biases that have fallen behind in the Smart curtains  home revolution is motorized curtains. numerous of us now have robotization for everything — lights, security cameras, thermostats, and cinches but haven’t ever considered automatic curtains. By automating this area of your house, you can ameliorate your home’s security while adding to the home’s energy efficiency. Features that count in choosing automatic curtains

Curtain weight and dimension vs. motor quality

The motor is in great demand for wide, heavy, and lengthy curtains. Any motor should be enough for a feather-light, sheer curtain on a tiny window.

Be realistic about the weight of the curtains, and how important demand they place on the motor. Indeed if a motor is rated to handle 20 pounds, for illustration, keep in mind that moving a 15-pound curtain will put a lot of strain on the motor, and beget it to fail sooner. And if you plan to use knockout curtains , know that they’re significantly heavier than standard curtains.

The power source of motorized curtains

Common power sources for smart hangouts are battery and electric. Solar-powered automatic curtains live but are less common and more precious.

The pros and cons of batteries and electricity are enough clear. However, draw-in options presumably make the utmost sense, If you have an outlet that’s fluently accessible. But keep in mind that, in addition to being suitable to reach the outlet, you’ll also want to hide the power cord.

For windows that aren’t accessibly located to an outlet, battery-powered curtains are a great option. numerous of these come with rechargeable batteries, which should last a long time between charges assuming normal use. The battery itself generally lasts 3 – 5 times, although I haven’t tested this myself( largely because I had no way indeed heard of remote control drapes 5 times agone ). \


Your smart home will feel a lot smarter with smart hangouts that run quietly. commodity about the grinding noise of a loud, floundering machine just doesn’t feel right inside a smart home.


Sorry, one of the leading manufacturers of motorized window coverings, offers a 5-time bond on all motors and controls. Compare this to some of the off-brand, direct-to-consumer products that offer a 1-time bond( or lower), and have poor client service as well. Eventually, like all electronic purchases, it comes down to your budget and your amenability to go with a cheaper, less dependable product.

DIY vs professional installation

Elaborate setups will probably bear a professional to install. However, several direct-to-consumer brands are stoner-friendly, If you want a commodity that’s simple and quick to install. Generally, battery-powered bias with remotes and smartphone apps are easier to install as a DIY. And hard-wired bias with wall switch controls is best left to a professional installation.


It’s possible to find an automatic curtain for lower than$ 100. On the other end of the diapason, you can spend thousands to install a whole-home setup with devoted power force and wall switches.