Thursday, June 13

The Benefits Of Solar Site Lighting?

Solar Lighting for An Affordable, Sustainable Future | ArchDaily

It is vital that once you decide to implement solar site lighting that you do so with the best solutions for your company, project, and site needs. For construction work to commence at night or at times of low light, there must be effective lighting in place to minimise downtime and ensure that contractors can continue the pace and standard of work expected of them. Solar lighting on construction sites is a way of ensuring that project deadlines are met, whilst maintaining a grip on the carbon footprint of the project and keeping costs as low as possible.

The benefits of solar site lighting

  • The flexibility of site lighting – One of the things to consider is that the vast majority of sites within the construction industry are temporary. Aspects of these sites will change on an almost daily basis, and the need for site lighting will therefore require a level of flexibility to ensure that there is enough, quality light available in different parts of the site, at different times, on a reliable basis. Only with this lighting provision on-site can you guarantee that project deadlines will be met, whilst cutting emissions on a night-time construction site
  • Easy installation of solar site lighting – Solar lighting is a fantastic option for those looking for an easy installation process, whether as an alternative to the electrical grid, or where there might not be the option to easily plug into the mains power supply due to the location. Solar lighting can be standalone, with solar panels and solar batteries supporting its use. 
  • Increased safety standards – Another aspect to consider is that site lighting used at night helps to increase the safety standards. Solar lighting installation can boost security on site, providing a safe and convenient lighting environment at all times of day and night. Not only does this ensure a clear line of sight for tasks, but it also helps to increase the safety of all staff, reducing the incidents of night-time accidents and prevent the theft of construction materials, plants and machinery.
  • Positive environmental impact – Solar site lighting provides a genuine green alternative, as standard site lighting is generally made up of non-renewable sources of energy. This has had a massive (negative) impact on the environment over the years. Solar lighting for construction sites provides an easy way to reduce the carbon footprint of a company and provide an alternative that is just as good, if not better, than the traditional site lighting options of the past.
  • Improve productivity – Good site lighting that is flexible, safe to use, and improves standards all round will also see an increase in productivity. All round standards that keep improving on-site will just increase the chances of productivity hitting where you want the project to be. It is all geared towards a better product and site lighting that is reliable and safe will do this for your project.
  • Lower project costs – As well as improving standards and hitting deadlines, the cost is always a major factor to consider when judging whether a project has been a success. Solar site lighting, with its own solar panels and battery as a source of power, will help to lower costs, as this is a more effective way of managing energy costs than reliance on the mains power of the electric grid. With solar lighting, you can have much greater control over the finances of the project.

Suppliers of solar lighting for construction sites have the expertise and technical knowledge to advise you on the best lighting solutions for your sites. Speak to the experts about solar site lighting and they’ll offer you the best chance of success in all future projects.