Tuesday, July 23

The Best Guide for Picking a Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are designed to provide direct task lighting and widespread ambient lighting. These versatile lighting options suit a lot of design styles and applications. But because they are available in various options, picking the right one can be confusing. So, here is a guide to help you make the right choice. 

Kinds of Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are available in various styles that have unique functional benefits. The following are the different floor lamp styles:

  • Ambient floor lamps. These floor lamps offer a room general light. They come with a conventional lamp shade that diffuses light for semi-direct illumination. Ideally, they are placed in living room corners or next to a lounge chair or sofa. Typically, they offer sufficient light for reading nearby. 
  • Reading floor lamps. These floor lamps offer direct, focused light. They can brighten a nook, an area you perform everyday tasks or a desk. For more versatility, find a reading lamp that has adjustment capabilities such as a flexible arm and a tilting shade. This way, you can move the light where you need it. 
  • Torchiere floor lamps. These lamps have upward-pointing shades. Their shade style has a unique direction that makes light an accent.
  • Arc floor lamps. These lamps combine an ambient floor lamp and a reading lamp. Their adjustable stem allows you to move their shade directly over a room for more direct light. This makes them perfect for task lighting like working at a table or reading on chairs. 

Other Important Considerations

 You need to pick a floor lamp you find appealing and that matches the kind of space you have. Some floor lamps may look good in photos; however, you must take into account the scale and the way the lamp looks in a room. Also, consider the following:

  • Cost. Floor lamps have varying costs. In general, lamps with intricate designs or desirable names are more expensive than others. However, a lamp with an amazing design can make it a work of art. 
  • Size. Floor lamps have varying sizes. Lamps like shaded or torchiere lamps have a vertical orientation, so they are a space-saver. They can fit easily into the surrounding space. An arc floor lamp takes up space because of its horizontal extension. You must determine the amount of space available to fit the lamp into, so you can find the right size.
  • Height. If the light source is high, the spread of the light tends to be wide. This is good for ambient lighting.