Tuesday, July 23

The Correlation Between Uncleanliness And Poor Mental Health

Uncleanliness And Poor Mental Health

So you let the dishes gather a little longer in the kitchen sink, and the laundry room has become a sniffing game to find out what is clean and what still has last week’s dinner on it. There’s no harm, right? Wrong! Sure, we all get caught up in our busy schedules and taxing jobs, and there isn’t always enough time or energy to pick up the mop when you finally get home, but the cleanliness of your home has a significant impact on your well-being and when we consistently delay rectifying the mess, it takes a toll on our health.

But, you don’t have to delay any longer! Stephen’s Cleaning Services offers professional domestic cleaning on the Gold Coast, so even when you can’t find the time to keep things neat and tidy, you can still walk into a clean and fresh home that puts your mind at ease and allows you to relax after a stressful day. 

No more sticky floors, cringeworthy bathrooms, horrid smelling rugs or using your car keys as a knife to cut your sandwich! All you need to do is give us a call to plan a periodic schedule for your home’s cleaning. 

A Dirty Home Is A Leading Cause Of Mental And Emotional Distress.

Whether you simply don’t have the time or you despise cleaning altogether, living in an unclean environment is a risky move. Besides the obvious adverse effects it has on our physical health, such as increased allergies and asthma, it also harms our mental and emotional well-being. 

For example, clutter may contribute to depression, lack of focus, poor sleep quality, and a general feeling of confusion. When our homes are cluttered and unorganised, it becomes more difficult to feel relaxed. Instead of feeling restored, we begin feeling overwhelmed and often trapped inside our own homes. In addition, heightened stress levels will leave us feeling unmotivated, which means the mess causing all of our issues will never get cleaned up. 

The truth is, procrastination is addictive. If you find yourself trying to justify why you haven’t vacuumed the floors or thrown out the accumulation of empty jam jars in the fridge, you’ve likely been bit by the procrastination bug, which is why you’re constantly trying to find a way out of doing household chores. Unfortunately, this proves the direct link between uncleanliness and mental health. The cycle will continue until you finally decide that enough is enough. The great thing is, though, you don’t have to do it alone. Stephen’s Cleaning Services can help you restore a healthy life with professional domestic cleaning on the Gold Coast. So, even if you still can’t convince yourself to pick up the toilet brush, your home doesn’t have to suffer!

A Deeper Look Into Your Rugs And Carpets.

Soft and fluffy carpets add a dimension of comfort to a room that makes it truly feel like home. But, although they may look clean, many things are happening beneath the surface, especially when the vacuum cleaner has been banished to the tool shed to spend the rest of its life alone and unused. 

Did you know that up to seventy percent of the dust accumulated in your home comes from dead skin cells? Yes. You are literally the dust you see spread across your furniture, tables, floors and blowing around in the air you breathe. As disgusting as it may sound, it’s not half as vile as the insects secretly breeding and laying their eggs in your carpets or the multitude of germs you bring in from under your shoes. There’s practically an entire ecosystem living beneath your shoe, and now it’s found a warm and cosy carpet to live in! 

Now, do you see why your vacuum cleaner was a valuable investment?

Thankfully, the hard work doesn’t have to all be on your shoulders. We know you are overworked, tired and in need of a break, and we also know just how important a clean home is to help you bounce back after a stressful day. So, give us a call today to set up your domestic cleaning schedule on the Gold Coast!