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Things To Consider Before Fencing Your Place

We always construct a barrier to keep strangers and animals out of our sanctuary. We can either hire fence business or do it ourselves. However, we have the misconception that as long as the fence is tall on the ground, has rails and slats, and is of equal height, it is OK. Although they are vital, there are several other considerations to make to construct a solid and long-lasting fence.

  1. Dig Holes – The hole in which the fence is placed is one of the variables that affect its sturdiness. Posts are typically 4″x4″x8″ and must be planted 8 feet apart in holes dug by hand.

Make a hole that is at least 2 feet deep with a posthole digger.

The trick to a sturdy post is to dig a cylindrical hole at an angle so that it resembles a ball. This will be used as a post anchor. This is something that any fence contractor is aware of.

  1. The Linger Factor -We don’t realize that even if we build the most durable fence fairfax county va possible, the Linger Factor can still lead it to rot. This occurs when the top and bottom lip of the posts or fences are not coated. Water that flows down on trees can stay and absorb nutrients, causing the wood to decay. The coating will keep the residual stains from spoiling your beautiful fence.
  2. Wood and Concrete Don’t Mix– Any fencing san Antonio provider will tell you that wood and concrete don’t mix. The use of black roof tar, on the other hand, is a straightforward solution to this problem. It will finally seal the posts and bond the two materials together by coating the bottom two feet of the post with tar.
  3. Rails And Slats Should Not Be Nailed –Don’t get too excited about showing off your fence by fastening it together as quickly as possible. Allow at least one day for everything to dry completely after it has been set and leveled. Otherwise, they’ll be completely knocked out, and you’ll have to fix them all over again.
  4. Use Three Rails – If you want a secure and long-lasting fence, use three rails. The top, middle, and bottom rails are all made of the same material.

The top rail should be horizontal, as this will help you measure the fencing installation north liberty ia. When installing slats, make sure they don’t extend more than eight inches above the top rail.

Both the middle and bottom rails must be vertical. Your fence will be stronger as a result, and the rails will not warp. Make sure the center rail has an equal amount of space between the top and bottom.


Make sure you are dealing with the right fence company to take care of your fencing San Antonio needs. It might help you to overcome all your temporary fencing Santa Teresa NM requirements. Be careful to choose the right fencing professional.