Thursday, April 18

Top Tips to Choose the Right Console Table

Among the furniture that plays an essential role in our household, console tables top the list. There are multiple functional purposes served by this table while you also get a well-supported interior look with this. You can just fill any dead space with the table and make it look enticing. The best place to place a console table is in a hallway or behind a sofa or just beside a fireplace. You can also have a perfect area for a vignette and a great platform to display your treasures. But before you buy one, here are certain things that you should keep in mind.

Have an unconventional approach

Consoles are mostly available in all the popular sizes and shapes. You can ditch the mainstream patterns and opt for something which is out of the blues. Something that includes uncommon colors or unconventional upholstery will be a great pick. To make it appear more personal and customized, you can have it tailor-made as per your personality and style. When you pick the table, you also get the option of choosing it in leather, vinyl, fabric, hide or the dimensions you like.

Trying going skirted

In today’s fashion, you won’t find skirted tables so commonly. However, if your rooms had a traditional approach, round skirted tables will look best. They perfectly fill the mundane corners of the room and can be decorated using small showpieces. If used today, you can have small plants or floor lamps placed on it.

Choose console tables with sleeves

If you have multiple collections to display, then the console tables with sleeves are the perfect pick. A table with a shelf or two is a great pick to have some added display on it. These can also be used as a mini bar in your dining room. You can choose the shades in a way where it will complement the wall behind it and the furniture around it.

How about using a bar cart?

Bar carts are always used as storage mediums but no one thinks of adding an extra storage burden in the living room. But how about if we use it just as a console table at the entry of the house or at the most attractive corner of the living room? offers a wide range of stylish side tables and the trendiest console tables to jazz up the corners of your living room.