Saturday, June 22

What Can RTA Kitchen Cabinets Do For Your Kitchen Project

What type of kitchen cabinets are ideal for your kitchen space? 

RTA cabinets are amongst the options that you have for your kitchen. This article explores the viability of this type of cabinetry for your kitchen needs. 

What type is RTA cabinetry? 

Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are premade kitchen cabinetry units ready for assembling. As a homeowner, you simply buy rta kitchen cabinets and assemble the units together. They are unlike the pre-assembled cabinetry units that are ready-made. 

The decision to choose this type of cabinetry is mostly influenced by various factors such as cost, space, and flexibility. 

The benefits of RTA cabinets


If you are a homeowner looking for an affordable option of creating a unique kitchen space, then you should opt for rta cabinetry. They budget friendly compared to pre-assembled units. You can save a significant amount and channel it to other remodeling projects. 

Easy to transport 

You can transport rta kitchen cabinets easily because they are flat-packed. It means that you can shop globally and have your ideal cabinetry options delivered to your address. 

Quick availability 

Another top benefit of ready-to-assemble cabinets is that they are quickly available. It can work to the advantage of a homeowner who wants a quick remodeling of the kitchen space. However, you should also take caution and conduct due diligence if you are on a tight schedule. 

Variety of styles and finishes

You will get a range of styles and finishes for your rta kitchen cabinets. This is a benefit to homeowners that have specific design preferences. Whether modern or traditional, you will find solution in rta. 


Another key benefit of investing in rta kitchen cabinets is that you can customize it to fit your needs. However, you have to contact the manufacturer for customization options before placing an order. Some of the areas you can customize include hardware and accessories. 

Drawbacks of RTA cabinets 

Here are some few drawbacks that you should prepare for:

Assembling required 

You will have to assemble the units together. Therefore, you need some rudimentary carpentry skills to get started the right way. The other option is to hire a carpenter to help you assemble them, which can be costly. 

Time consuming 

While you can save money installing rta cabinets, you will have to spend some time in the assembling and installation process. 


You have to consider both pros and cons to decide if rta kitchen cabinets are your ideal option for kitchen remodeling.