Thursday, June 13

What type of decking material to use to prevent bugs?

It could be that your newly constructed deck is experiencing invasion by termites and other bugs. This can be a terrible thing to happen, since you have spent a lot of time, money and effort. The truth is that bugs are dangerous to any type of decking project. The reason is because decks are constructed outdoors and remain unprotected. They are located right within the habitat of these dreadful bugs. You may consider spraying toxic pesticides or call an exterminator. But this will seem to be a never-end process. Moreover, using these chemicals to prevent bugs will only result in unwanted smells like phenothiazine. You or your family members are surely not likely to use the deck for barbecue parties. You can consult the Decking Fitters Leeds who can provide you with the best available solutions.

How to prevent bugs from damaging your deck area?

To prevent pests and termites from harming your deck, you should use bug-resistant materials available in the market. Composite wood decking is what is suggested by the experienced Decking Fitters Leeds for homes infested with different types of bugs. Such type of decking tends to combine durability and practicality of synthetic materials with that of the wood’s rustic beauty. It has got this name since it is considered to be a wood-derived deck product.

It is rather a combination of plastic and wood and is manufactured in factors and not harvested like that of timber. It is generally created from softwoods and hardwoods used for making standard lumber. This type of decking combines sawdust, sawmill scraps along with wood wastes along with plastic binding ingredients.  It can also be customized to adhere to application-specific requirements. Besides decking, composite wood products can also be used various types of construction. You can get to know the details of this type of decking from the qualified Decking Fitters Leeds.

How composite decks can prevent bug infestation?

Composite wood deck have good amount of plastic materials in the mixture. This is not favored upon by termites and other types of bugs. Hence, they are compelled to move on to find other greener pastures, where they can survive.

Woodlice are another type of pest that poses danger to untreated wooden products and decks. However, composite decks do not require treatment since it uses synthetic polymers in its creation. Therefore, it is not likely to decay quickly unlike wood. It is also unpalatable to woodlice.

According to Decking Fitters Leeds, composite decking material is undoubtedly the right choice for your decking needs.